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What is your return policy?

What if I change my mind and cancel an order? What is your cancellation policy?

How do I start a warranty claim?

Why did credit card payment fail?

Is my Kaabo E-Scooter waterproof? / Can I ride my Kaabo E-Scooter in the rain/snow?

About producrt safety certification.

What is the best way to lock my Kaabo E-Scooter?

Can I ride with a passenger?

Can I ride a Kaabo Mantis off-road?

What should I do if I have a problem/question about my Kaabo E-Scooter?

Do you offer test rides?

Is there an age limit for riding scooters?

What payment methods do you accept?

Do you offer a payment plan or financing?

Can I split my payment on two different cards?

I need to make changes to my delivery. Who do I contact?

Do you offer expedited shipping or delivery?