How to resolve the E10 error code issue on your Mantis 8?

Has your scooter been modified?

Have you added any electronic equipment to your scooter? If so, please remove it, because the added electronic equipment may cause interference.

Check the display

If there is no modification, please unplug the cable of the display, check whether the pins inside are bent, if the pins are not bent, then replace the display.

Look for possible loose wires

If replacing the display doesn't fix the issue, please remove the deck, check the yellow/red wires on the XHB 8-core terminal, gently pull the wires by hand to see if there is any sign of loose connection, if there is, insert it tightly.

Caused by a broken rear controller

If the yellow/red wires are correctly connected, then replace the rear controller.

Replace the main wire of the display

If all the above problems have been checked, but the display still shows E10, then it may be caused by the main wire, replace the main line of the display to see whether the issue can be resolved.

Finally, if the issue still exists, then please replace the hub board.

Check the video below for E10 code troubleshooting.