How to resolve the E07 error code issue on your Mantis 8?

The E07 error code means hall sensor fault.

First, please remove the screws under the mat, and then remove the cover. Check careful whether the hall wires are disconnected (or loose), or whether there is any dirty stuff on the pins, if there is any, please wipe it off and plug it in tightly.

Second, check if there is any damaged motor wire, if so, wrap it with high-temperature-resistant insulating tape.

If the E07 code still exists after checking the wires, then, there is probably an issue with the rear controller or rear motor.

Connect the wires of the front motor to the main controller (swtich the wires between the rear & front motors). If the E07 code does not appear at this time, it means that the rear motor is faulty. If it still displays E07, it means that the rear controller (A controller) has an issue, just replace it.

Please check the video below for troubleshooting.