How To Wash Your Electric Scooter

Electric scooters are prone to getting dirty from outdoor riding conditions and different weather. In order to keep your electric scooter from deteriorating from weathering and dirt, Kaabo USA has made this short but warm guide on how to properly wash your e-scooter.

First, we want to point out that weather rating is varying from e-scooter to scooter. Until now, there are few e-scooters with certified IP ratings.

Kaabo USA electric scooters, like mantis and would warrior, are designed with premium water-resistant materials, giving it a certain level of water resistance but not waterproof. That is important to be remembered while choosing proper riding conditions, as well as how to safely wash your e-scooters.

Getting Down to the Dirty Work

Kaabo is well known for the unparalleled all-terrain performance Wolf and Warrior 11 electric scooter. As a 50 mph electric dual motor scooter, wolf is capable of riding in various road terrains. Nevertheless, such a good on and off performance alse makes people easily find themselves deep in a forest, be surrounded by trees, mud, dirt and ect. After a long, bumpy buggy ride through the depths of nature, your Wolf Warrior might end up looking like this: 

Dirty Wolf Warrior

Those that ride on the street performance Mantis 8 or Mantis 10 also has access to some off-roading opportunities as well. To understand the off-road capabilities of your electric scooter, please explore our off-roading rating guide. Riding on city streets will still expose your e-scooter to dirt and dust that must be cleaned.

Regardless of where you are riding and what e-scooter you are on, it is going to be important to wash and maintain your scooter. Dirt and dust buildup can influence performance and scooter longevity.

Clean it Up

Cleaning an e-scooter is super easy. You will take some of the same steps as cleaning your car. Be mindful that Kaabo scooters are not fully waterproof or water-resistant, therefore do not apply water directly on to the scooter in any case. To properly clean your e-scooter, four main ingredients are shared to you.

  • A Water Source
  • A Sponge 
  • Household Cleaning Agent (dish soap, hand soap, detergent)
  • A Towel


Do not use pressure washers on the scooter. You can pressure wash the tires from a distance to remove dirt and built up grime. Remove tires from the scooter before washing.
Do not apply water hose or dump water on your electric scooter. For fear of harming the circuitry on them, Kaabo electric scooter is not designed to take large amounts of water. On the contrary, it is allowed to apply water to a cloth or sponge to clean by your hand.
    •  Water it Down

    Give the scooter a once-over with some wet sponge or cloth. Make sure there is no built-up water and be extra careful around the deck and handlebars where the controller and throttle is located. The first step is used to get some of the dirt and grime off of the surface. For some, this might get most of the dirt off right away.

    • Soap it Up

    Use your trusty sponge and add a small amount of soap to get a nice lather going on the surface. No need to put too much pressure unless there is a stubborn spot that won't come clean.

    • Rinse it Off

    Use your clean, wet cloth or sponge to rinse off the soap and remaining residue. You should notice the shining surface of the e-scooter now. Once again, be sure to be mindful of where you apply the water and do not use excessive amounts of water. Simply using a damp cloth or sponge is enough. It looks just like the day you bought it, even better, probably!

    • Drying

    If it is sunny enough, you can let the scooter sit out to dry. It is Kaabo USA's recommendation that you give the scooter a proper drying treatment with a clean towel or rag so that no watermarks are left over as the scooter dries.

    • Wax

    After drying, it is appropriate to wax each part as needed to improve the brightness of the vehicle's paint (please pay attention to use special car wax).

    • Get it Dirty Again

    Now that you have cleaned off the scooter, it is time to take it for a spin and show off that freshly cleaned shine. Please avoid frequent car washes. The best car wash cycle is 10–20 days. Too frequent wash will accelerate the aging of car paint.

    Many people may be busy doing hairstyles and buying new clothes to surprise others. Kaabo USA warm reminder, while dressing yourself, don't forget to properly wash your electric scooter so that it can make you look cooler! Kaabo USA hopes these tips can help you keep your e-scooters for a longer time.