The Kaabo USA Story

The Kaabo USA Mission

The Kaabo USA team is focused on supporting the mission of Kaabo to bring innovative and exciting electric transportation to the United States. With a world-wide following and established brand image, Kaabo has partnered with the Kaabo USA branch to reach our rapidly growing United States community. We are here to provide personalized service to US customers that are interested in Kaabo's innovative e-scooters.


Why Choose Kaabo USA?

"We are the OFFICIAL  dealer of Kaabo in the US."

E-scooters are taking over in the United States. As many people are looking for effective personal transportation methods, many have turned to e-scooters. Kaabo USA e-scooters are a whole new breed, providing long-distance battery power and speeds that are unrivaled from other scooter brands or from scooter share services.

Along with Kaabo's attention to trend-setting e-scooters, we are also pushing for the environmental and societal benefits of using electric scooters for daily commuting and transportation needs.

Kaabo USA has become the number one source for original Kaabo products received directly from the manufacturer.


Our Service Guarantee

The Kaabo USA branch will help our US-based customers with sales and after-sales services regarding orders from this official Kaabo USA website. Our team is on-call to assist you regarding any questions about our Kaabo USA products.


Customer Support




Call us: 1 (888) 616-2376

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