Warranty Info

Warranty Info


During our 18-month limited warranty period, if you experience any problems with the construction or mechanical features of your e-scooter, please contact support@kaabousa.com to start the warranty claim process. Our team will work with you to determine the proper solution to the issue and the best way to come to a proper fix.

If your e-scooter experiences any damages due to part quality issues, Kaabo USA will send the proper replacement part for repair along with the guide to safely replace the part in question.

Kaabo USA is also developing a network of repair partners in various locations. Contact us to find your closest Kaabo repair professional to take care of any e-scooter repairs or maintenance.


Repairs or Maintenance Not Included Under Warranty

-Damage to the e-scooter caused by collision

-Damage to the e-scooter caused by improper riding, overloading, or being placed in unsafe environments 

-Battery damage due to immersion in water, heavy rain, etc.

-Dormant battery damage from lack or care and maintenance when not riding.

-Damage to the e-scooter caused by unauthorized modification of the vehicle and unauthorized alteration of the internal wiring of the e-scooter.

Additionally, Kaabo tires are classified as wear parts, meaning they are not covered by the warranty. If the pneumatic tires are damaged due to sharp objects or nails on the road, it is not covered by the warranty.


Processing warranty claims

The first step to initial your warranty is to please contact our after-sales service team at support@kaabousa.com

In many cases, Kaabo USA will send the repair part necessary for your particular case. We will provide you a detailed video or guide to assist with your repair needs so you can safely make a repair on your own.

If you are in a location where we have our partnered Kaabo e-scooter service centers, you can also send your scooter to them for repair.