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The Kaabo Wolf is a heavy-duty electric scooter, perfect for commuting or recreational use, Highly recommended for power and durability.

"The Kaabo Mantis 8 is one of the ESG team’s favorite scooters, offering a super solid ride and comfortable acceleration from a popular, world-renowned brand. "

"I'm excited to see this Mantis 8 added to their lineup. I think it fills a very nice gap between the more ridiculous scooters with crazy high power and the smaller commuter scooters that lack suspension or large batteries."

“Two words… FAST and FUN! The first thing that really surprised me when riding the Mantis 8 for the first time was simply how fast it felt when accelerating but also at the top speed of 25MPH or 40KPH.”

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fantastic scooter

This Mantis 10 I just bought is perfect for a starter like myself, it's very stable, compact, and you can easily control the speed with the 5-level gears, that's one thing I like most, if you have never tried a scooter before, you should try the Mantis 10 Lite from Kaabo USA!

Linah Verified
19 Oct, 2023

Blown away how awesome it is

Absolutely love it so far! I am 6'3" and 300lbs. I hit 50 mph still. Has no problem pulling me up hill and pretty much any reasonable place. Don't do much off road but have ventured and not had issues. I am a first time scooter owner but a speed freak. This scooter gives me thrill! I have motorcycle experience which helps transition. But be careful if you are not ready for the power this has or have no experience being x games fun per say.

Matthew S. Verified
10 Jul, 2023

Unlimited Fun

Rode a scooter while on vacation and then came home and researched buying one. Kaabu checked all the boxes. From the start it was pure exhilaration. The speed, the handling and the pure joy from feeling the wind in your hair makes it great for any age. Heads turn when I ride and I love it! Thanks Kaabu.

Jim H. Verified
17 Mar, 2023

Excellent durability and design

The best scooters purchased ever... The Mantis 8 and the Wolf are a significant improvement over the gas-powered scooters I've been using for years. Excellent durability, design, and support staff.

Robert B. Verified
12 Dec, 2022

Love & hates

The first thing you do is purchase a extended mud guard, The factory guard does NOTHING! I rode after it stop raining, avoided puddles and the wheel took every single drop of water off the floor and SOAKED my bottom half. It’s heavy so be mindful when commuting. Its a beast off the line alot of power. Performance and comfort is outstanding.

Steve D. Verified
22 Oct, 2023
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