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Kaabo Mantis 8 and Wolf Warrior 11 Pro+


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"The Kaabo Mantis 8 is one of the ESG team’s favorite scooters, offering a super solid ride and comfortable acceleration from a popular, world-renowned brand. "

"I'm excited to see this Mantis 8 added to their lineup. I think it fills a very nice gap between the more ridiculous scooters with crazy high power and the smaller commuter scooters that lack suspension or large batteries."

“Two words… FAST and FUN! The first thing that really surprised me when riding the Mantis 8 for the first time was simply how fast it felt when accelerating but also at the top speed of 25MPH or 40KPH.”

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Kaboo gives the rest the bird

I enjoy riding around town on a scooter but I got tired of renting birds with hugh prices and sticky handlebars. So many homeless people using them to get around town, I got to the point where I opted to buy gloves to use them. I made the move to buy my own Kaboo Wolf Warrior and I've been loving it ever since. I started my own YouTube just zipping around town. I have many modes to choose from, if I need the power it's on hand and very powerful. Highly recommend

Lou Garza Verified
16 Feb, 2023

Blown away how awesome it is

This scooter surpassed my expectations. This scooter is a beast. So fast and solid. I highly recommend the Kaabo Wolf Warrior 11+

McNallica Verified
29 Nov, 2022

Haven't had any problems

We have 2 of these and they run great. Haven't had any problems. I've had them up to 25 mph and I personally wouldn't want to go any faster than that. Pic is at Mission Bay Cove in San Diego, CA last week.

Charlie Davila Verified
07 Dec, 2022

Beautiful Scooter!

This is a beautiful-looking e-scooter, bought for my husband as a birthday gift, and he loves it, He can ride all day! This really changed our life, as we don't need a car for going anywhere. It's more enviromental friendly!

Gaetan Houle Verified
06 Dec, 2022

Love The design!

It's a fantastic scooter. I really love the beautiful design. It also do goods to my commuting everyday. I don't need to walk so many miles! This is a absolutely a life changer! Kaabo USA's customer service also helps me to fix a few small issues! Great service!

J lopez Verified
04 Dec, 2022

Best Bang for your buck!

I had just recently started looking into e-scooters. My co worker has a Kaabo Wolf Warrior and caught my attention. However, his was around $2500 range.. I wasnt willing to spend that much yet! This Mantis 8 though, was perfect for my needs. The speed, the range, the quality, very smooth ride, and so much more. This is the scooter you want trust me!

Carlos Verified
03 Aug, 2022

Could not be happier !

First, I’m at the upper weight limit of this scooter and I live in a beach community in Delaware, so all roads are pretty much flat. And I really like this thing after using every day for almost 2 weeks. I have 52 miles on it already. Con: The battery indicator is not accurate on my scooter. The first 2 days I went 5.5 miles each day and had one bar. In reality, I hadn’t used ¼ of the battery. I learned to rely on the volt display. Pros: Pretty much everything. I ride in Turbo, Dual Motors, Gear 3, kick start, slow start. I’ve been up to 30 mph, although 20 is good speed. I’ve ridden a little over 11 miles at one time and still had almost 50% battery left (my legs were hurting). It doesn’t hesitate to get up to speed or handle any inclines (bridges in my case). The tires are perfect, as well as the suspension. I haven’t encountered one time where I felt unsafe going over bumps or gravel in the road. I watched every “Review” video online where they wished it had this or that, and apparently Kaabo listened. Nice, bright headlight on the stem – Check. Indicator lights on the Eco and Dual buttons – Check. A real horn – Check. I added a left side mirror because I ride on long roads with a lot of turning vehicles. The deck lights and LED side lights are very bright. The turn signals are perfect for where I live and the blinking lights when braking really stand out. It’s also built very solid and it’s everything advertised. Lastly, customer service is a complete surprise. When I thought I was only getting 5 miles out of a charge, I sent an email that night and received a response when I opened email the next morning. They acknowledged that’s not normal and made some suggestions. And they followed up the next day. Kind of rare these days......

J.J. Verified
02 Sep, 2022

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Why Kaabo Dual Motor
When it comes to electric scooters, there are plenty of options available in the market. However, the Kaabo Dual Motor Mantis 8 stands out as one of the best electric scooters available for commuters and casual riders alike. Why our range is shorter?  "Dual motors use more power than single motors reducing the range but increasing the acceleration and torque which means you can enjoy higher performance, hill climbing abilities and real world max load can be higher"  1. Battery...
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Announcement! Huge Discount on the Mantis 8 Is Here to Warm You Up!
Announcement! Huge Discount on the Mantis 8 Is Here to Warm You Up!
Dear Kaabo USA Customers, I have some truly remarkable news to share with you. We are delighted to announce that we are lowering the costs for all of our superb current e-scooter line goods throughout the spring riding season in keeping with the customer-centered approach. Time is limited! (LIMITED SUPPLY!)  Many businesses decided to raise product prices in the aftermath of the epidemic in order to protect against financial instability. Kaabo USA, on the other hand, decides to reduce prices...