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Best City Commuter Dual Motor eScooter
Regular price $1,199.00 Sale price$949.00
<strong>25 MILES</strong><br>Range
<strong>2200W</strong> <br>Max Power Output
Max Power Output
<strong>25 MPH</strong><br>Max Speed
25 MPH
Max Speed
<strong>48V 13AH</strong> <br>Battery Capacity
48V 13AH
Battery Capacity
<strong>20 DEGREES</strong><br>Climbing Angle
Climbing Angle
Long Range Commuting eScooter
Regular price $1,399.00 Sale price$1,149.00
<strong>37 MILES</strong><br>Max Range
Max Range
<strong>2200W</strong> <br>Max Power Output
Max Power Output
<strong>31 MPH</strong><br>Max Speed
31 MPH
Max Speed
<strong>48V 13Ah</strong><br>Battery Capacity
48V 13Ah
Battery Capacity
<strong>25 DEGREES</strong><br>Climbing Angle
Climbing Angle
All-Terrain Powerful Dual Motor eScooter
Regular price $2,899.00 Sale price$2,599.00
<strong>93 MILES</strong><br>Range
<strong>5400W</strong><br>Max Power Output
Max Power Output
<strong>50 mph</strong><br>Max Speed
50 mph
Max Speed
<strong>60V 35Ah</strong><br>Battery Capacity
60V 35Ah
Battery Capacity
<strong>45 degrees</strong><br>Climbing Angle
45 degrees
Climbing Angle
Compact Powerful Dual Motor eScooter
Regular price $2,199.00 Sale price$1,799.00
<strong>40+ MILES</strong><br>Range
<strong>3500W</strong><br>Max Power Output
Max Power Output
<strong>44 mph</strong><br>Max Speed
44 mph
Max Speed
<strong>60V 21Ah</strong><br>Battery Capacity
60V 21Ah
Battery Capacity
<strong>35 degrees</strong><br>Climbing Angle
35 degrees
Climbing Angle
Why Kaabo USA?

Kaabo USA has been developing its customer experience constantly and today we are happy to say being Kaabo USA customer is better than ever before. If you are looking for an escooter it's now possible to book test rides in many locations across the USA and our ever expanding Service Center Network makes dealing with after-sale issues easy and efficient should you ever need it. Kaabo USA has also taken care to offer after-sale parts sold directly so customers don't need to waste time looking for dubious after market parts.

Which E-Scooter Is The Right One For You?

Kaabo USA offers electric scooters in roughly two categories. Compact Electric Scooters and High Performance Electric Scooters. Now both of the categories we offer are dual motor electric scooters but the main difference is the size and speed.

Compact E-Scooters

For everyday riders the compact scooters like Mantis 8 and its big brother Mantis 10 Lite are great choices as they are easy to ride and deliver enough speed 25 and 31 mph respectively to ride in traffic and commute with ease.

Wolf Warrior X Plus Electric Scooter Side Profile
Kaabo Wolf-Warrior 11 Pro+ Dual Motor-e-Scooter Wheelie
High performance escooters

The high performance escooters from Kaabo are called Wolfs and they are made for riders who are after the thrill of riding ultra fast electric scooters. With the Wolf 11 Pro + being the fastest scooter that Kaabo USA currently offers. Its top speed reaches blazingly fast 50 mph and to handle such speed it is built like a tank with motorcycle level suspension. The downside of such a build is that the scooter is heavier and much less portable than the sleek designed Mantises.

If you are looking for something in between the Wolf X Plus is a great compromise between speed and compact size. It reaches the top speed of 44 mph and looks like the 11 but is actually a tad smaller in size to make it more portable and it can even fit in most sedan car trunks if you want to take it out to the track.

Electric Scooter FAQ

A dual-motor electric scooter has two motors, offering advantages like better acceleration, improved traction, stability, and handling, the ability to climb steep hills, increased payload capacity, and versatile riding modes. It's a great choice for those who want more power and flexibility than what you could expect from a typical rental shared scooter which is one of the reason why demanding riders choose one when buying a scooter for themselves.

Dual motor scooters typically start around 1000 dollars. Scooters starting from this price point typically offer similar speeds so what you should focus on when choosing which model to buy is the build quality and other features included. Kaabo's Mantis scooters at this price point offer great value for the money, built quality is proven by numerous reviews online and it offers advanced features like side LED strips, sinewave controllers that offer smoother accelaration than squarewave, pneumatic tires where are many cheaper models use solid tires which have their advantages but offer harsher ride quality and poor traction. Kaabo has constantly upgraded it's Mantis lineup with latest tech and the new 2024 model offers NFC locking that's rarely found in scooters at this price point.