Kaabo's May extravaganza
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Best KAABO Escooters For Sale

Explore the versatility of Kaabo's escooters, engineered for both efficient commuting and exhilarating off-road adventures, ensuring a seamless ride and fuel savings.

Why Kaabo USA?

Kaabo USA has been constantly developing its customer experience, and today, we are happy to announce that being a Kaabo USA customer is better than ever before. If you are looking for an escooter, it's now possible to book test rides at many locations across the USA. Our ever-expanding Service Center Network makes dealing with after-sale issues easy and efficient, should you ever need it.

Additionally, Kaabo USA has taken care to offer after-sale parts sold directly, so customers don't need to waste time looking for dubious aftermarket parts.

Which Kaabo E-Scooter Suits You Best?

Kaabo USA provides two main categories of electric scooters: Compact Electric Scooters and High Performance Electric Scooters. Both categories feature dual motor designs, with the primary differences being in size and speed.

Compact E-Scooters

For everyday riders, the Mantis 8 and its larger siblings, the Mantis 10 Lite and Mantis X, are excellent choices. These compact scooters are easy to handle and provide speeds of 25 mph for the Mantis 8, and 31 mph for the Mantis 10 Lite and Mantis X, making them ideal for navigating traffic and commuting comfortably.

High performance escooters

Kaabo's high-performance escooters, known as Wolf Warriors, are designed for thrill-seekers who crave ultra-fast rides. The Wolf Warrior 11 Pro Plus reaches a top speed of 50 mph, while the Wolf King GT Pro, the fastest model currently offered by Kaabo USA, boasts a top speed of 62 mph. Both are built like tanks with motorcycle-level suspension to handle their high speeds, though this robust construction makes them heavier and less portable compared to the sleeker Mantis series.

For those seeking a balance between speed and compactness, the Wolf Warrior X Plus is an excellent choice. It has a top speed of 44 mph, is slightly smaller than the 11 and GT, making it more portable, and can even fit in most sedan car trunks for easy transport to the track.


A dual-motor electric scooter features two motors, providing enhanced acceleration, better traction, stability, and handling. It excels in climbing steep hills, supports higher payload capacities, and offers versatile riding modes.

This makes it an ideal choice for those seeking more power and flexibility than typically found in standard rental or shared scooters. Such advantages are key reasons why demanding riders often select dual-motor scooters for personal use.

Dual motor scooters typically start at around $1,000. At this price point, while many scooters offer similar speeds, it's crucial to consider build quality and additional features. Kaabo's Mantis scooters excel in this range, with numerous reviews attesting to their solid build quality.

They feature advanced components such as side LED strips, sinewave controllers for smoother acceleration compared to squarewave, and pneumatic tires that provide a more comfortable ride than the solid tires found on cheaper models, which offer less traction.