Best Foldable Electric Scooter of 2021

For many adolescents and adults, scooters have long been one of their preferred forms of transportation. It is simpler, more practical, quicker, and less expensive than riding a bike or a motorcycle.
Adult electric scooters have become more and more popular recently. They offer carbon-free automated mobility, making them an environmentally responsible option. Electric scooters that fold up are increasingly common today. The scooter is becoming more and more well-liked among working people thanks to this new feature. Do you, however, understand how the folding systems differ from one another? This blog will explain why the Mantis 8 is a great option if you still don't know how to choose a foldable e-scooter.

Dependable braking system

The brake system is unquestionably essential for larger users to ensure a safe riding experience. ABS and hydraulic disk brakes Riders feel in control because to the 140mm disc brakes that are being used. The Mantis 10 can be stopped safely in an instant thanks to its front and rear disc brakes.

Unusual Folding Method

You should be aware that not all electric scooters have a unique folding system. Nonetheless, Mantis 8 includes a unique folding mechanism created by Kaabo that is also protected by a registered patent. Mantis 8 folds in in two simple stages and takes barely ten seconds.

Low in Weight

I am proud to say that Mantis 8 is excellent because it’s still quite light at 53 lbs, which is the lightest one in the 1000W motor. Mantis 10 (66lbs) is great with it’s awesome performance but unless you are a heavy adult, want the extra performance, or need the additional range typically Mantis 8 is enough and lighter to carry than 10. 

Tubeless tires that are smooth

The best e-scooters for riding on concrete and city streets have smooth tires, so keep that in mind when selecting one for everyday commuting. Tires made for all terrains are not necessary. All-terrain tires actually use more electricity and have less traction on smooth surfaces. Thus, city-specific scooters have tires that are smooth.

The best folding electric scooter is the Mantis 8.

Unquestionably the greatest folding electric scooter of 2021 is the Kaabo Mantis 8. Mantis 8 is synonymous with light commuting thanks to its two 500W engines and lightweight tubeless tires.

It's time to decide which Mantis 8 you want to use for your everyday commute. Do not think twice and buy here!


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