For those adults who want to buy an electric scooter, what are the factors that must be considered?

Electric scooters, like the Razor kick scooters of the 1990s, have two wheels, a platform called a deck, and handlebars for steering. They differ from the unmotorized kick scooters of the 90s due to the addition of a battery, electronics, larger (often air-filledtires, and an electric motor.

This innovative mean of transportation always attracts young adults. It’s simply because the majority of scooters are intended to be ridden while standing on the deck. Hence, when you ride an electric scooter on the street, you and your electric scooter will be like a star, attracting others' eyeballs and getting others' attention. However, don’t order e-scooter on an impulse. Before purchasing this niche product, please consider the following several factors. 

  • Budget

To begin with, how much do you plan to spend on an e-scooter? In general, you budget determines the price quality, because these two factors always correspond. However, this rule does not apply to Mantis 8. Mantis 8 is the only electric scooter you can pay for under $1,000 with powerful features. With Mantis 8, enjoy better commuting process and try different mode of leisure!

  • Weight

In some major cities, the last leg of transport has been puzzling people for a long time. Many consumers view electric scooter as a solution of this problem. Hence, if an e-scooter is too heavy so that you don’t have enough energy to put it on bus or subway, it is unnecessary for you guys to buy commuting tool like this.

Mantis 8 is excellent because it’s still quite light at 53 lbs, which is the lightest one in the 1000W motor. Mantis 10 (66 lbs) is great with its awesome performance but unless you are a heavy adult, want the extra performance, or need the additional range typically Mantis 8 is enough and lighter to carry than 10. 

  • Mile Range

Actually, nobody like charging e-scooter frequently. If consumers have to charge it for several times each week, they will lose their patience gradually. The Max Range of Mantis 8 is 25 miles (about 40km). For example, if the distance from your home and office is within 4km, you just need to charge once each week for commuting. A real convenient scooter!

  • Portability

Electric scooters may be a more portable, powered personal vehicle than folding bikes. Standing on an electric scooter, you don't have to pedal constantly, and you don't feel tired during short commutes. Electric scooters are lightweight and foldable, making them easy to store and carry.

Mantis 8 is just a portable scooter like I describe. Folding your Scooter in 2 steps:

  1. Loosen the quick release buckles and slide the locking ring upwards.
  2. Fold the handle post downwards until it touches the scooter's deck and attach it to the hook in the rear of the board. This will lock the handle post in folded position and enable you to carry your scooter with one hand while folded.
  • Application

People tend to pay more attention to the diversity of function.

We often advertise that Kaabo Mantis 8 is undoubtedly the best foldable electric scooter of commuting of 2021. So what other applications does Mantis 8 have? Or Can this scooter show its advantage in other areas?

High performance is one key feature of Mantis 8, which is a symbol of high speed and challenging driving operations. It’s not an easy thing to drive a e-scooter in a high speed, which requires that you should be of quick reaction capability and rich driving skills. When riding a Mantis 8, you will feel like finishing an extreme challenge!

  • Safety

The Safety of our customers is one of our top priorities. Every mode of transportation carries risk factors. For Mantis 8, one gentle push on the ergonomically optimized lever and the confident braking system brings you to a safe, steady stop.

Purchase now!

These factors are all what we need to consider seriously when buying an electric scooter. It’s obvious that Mantis 8 have huge advantages in these written points.

Mantis 8 will leave a never-ending impression anywhere. So get on your Mantis 8 now and bring out your inner adventurer.



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