Heavy Duty Dual Motor Electric Scooters: Best Choice for Adults

Heavy Duty Dual Motor Electric Scooters for Adults-pics

With more and more electric scooters flooding into the market, choosing an electric scooter that really suits you has become a problem for most consumers, especially for those who are on the heavier side. There are certain aspects you have to consider when choosing your own e-scooter.

The majority of scooters you have seen in daily life are bassically designed for less weight riders. In fact, the range tests produced by manufacturers are generally made with riders that weigh 100-170 lbs. (45-77 kg).

Nevertheless, we reside in a world where most adults are larger than this standard -- an average American man weighs approximately 200 lbs. (90 kg). Based on common customers' needs, today we are going to discuss Heavy Duty Dual Motor Electric Scooters and the benefits that are related to riders' different using cases. 

What's Heavy Duty Dual Motor Electric Scooter 


Compared to the regular electric scooters, Heavy Duty Dual Motor Electric Scooters means higher speed, higher acceleration and more ferocious torque. Riding an e-scooter with a second motor adds a healthy injection of adrenaline and thrill to any ride. With the best dual motor electric scooter, you can feel the power boost your feet and reach your destination faster. What’s more, your weight is no longer a problem since the power of dual motors can easily support you to move forward.

According to the weight of the user, dual battery electric scooters can be mainly divided into three ranges, 300-350 lbs, 250-300 lbs and180-249 lbs. In order to meet the needs of the above-mentioned users of different weights, the battery, controller, motor torque and braking system of the electric scooter all need to meet very high standards.

Excellent Heavy Duty Dual Motor electric scooter


Let’s take the Kaabo Mantis 10, one of the most popular Heavy Duty Dual Motor Electric Scooters in 2021, as an example.

Dual 1000-Watt motors 

Dual 1000-watt motors are provided for high top speeds and high-performance riding. The dual 1000-watt motor brushless hubs for Mantis 10 are found in both front and rear wheels, which provides a maximum of 40 mph of speed. Also, one thing to bear in mind is that the Mantis claims to have a hill-climbing ability of up to 30-degree lopes, which means a better traction is for off-road because both wheels are working. 

With the motor torque of 35 N.M, Mantis 10 is more suitable for adults and heavier adults. No problem even for bigger guys as the Mantis 10 max load is 264 lbs(120 kg), which covers most of the needs of medium and high weight users.

Strong battery

Strong battery is for extended range and power output. Equipped with high-density 60V 24.5Ah lithium-ion battery made by LG/SAMSUNG, you absolutely do not need to worry about its battery life. The Mantis 10 has an advertised range of 60 miles per charge. Actually, you'll get slightly less than this because the battery will certainly need to work harder so that the weight it can support. Nevertheless, 40 or 50 miles is considerable for a scooter like Mantis 10.

Trustworthy braking system

For heavier users, the brake system is definitely the key to ensure a safe riding experience. Hydraulic Disk Brake + ABS Using 140mm disc brakes, which strengthen riders' confidence that they are in control. With front and rear disc brakes, the Mantis 10 can be stopped safely in an instant.

Choose your own electric scooter


As mentioned above, if you don't want to buy a product that can't push you forward or spend a lot of money on configurations you don’t need, you can take the following steps to choose your own electric scooter.

Choose According to Weight

      Even if the electric scooter is designed for heavy adults, there are still big differences for various e-scooters. For example, if you buy an electric scooter designed for a big person who weighs more than 350lbs, the weight of the scooter will cause you inconvenience. Kaabo USA's products, like WOLF WARRIOR 11 and MANTIS can provide you a dreaming one.

      Determine Your Daily Usage 

          There will be a huge difference between electric scooter for daily commuting and the one for outdoor off-roading. You should be looking into different product details, including the tires's size, the motor's power, the person's weight and etc. 

          Choose Based On Preferences 

            After two rounds of screening and introduction, you can now quickly pick an electric scooter according to your needs and preferences, since the remaining choices are all electric scooters that can meet your basic requirements. Moreover, Kaabo also highlights that please take the speed, dual-motor, range, battery life,charging time and material as your prior focus while choosing your personal electric scooters.  Hope these will be directly guide your daily usage experience.

            Electric motors is no longer a privilege for less weight riders. Dual motor electric scooters with heavy duty performance can be the heavier riders' boons. Kaabo USA's  Mantis and wolf warrior provides heavier riders more selectable chooices so that help you ride slightly and fastly as birds.

            Some tips about how to use Heavy Duty Dual Motor Electric Scooters.


            -Don't burn your motor (if you use single motor on a dual motor e-scooter or have just one motor at all it’s easier to “burn out” - break your motor).

            -Dual motors share the work so there’s not so much stress.

            -Dual Motors provide much better performance on uphill climbing too. The Mantis 10 is capable of climbing up to 30 degree inclines.


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