Kaabo Mantis 8, not just for city commuting

 Almost all manufacturers usually focus on the convenience of commuting when introducing their e-scooter. Electric scooters do have huge advantages in city commuting. Portability, Eco-friendly, compactness, all these factors attract young adults to become potential customers. Electric scooters will save you time on your commute each day, it's Eco-friendly, and you can adventure on- or off-road whenever you want to! However, spending $1000 just on a convenient commuting tool, worth it? 

Of course! Kaabo Mantis 8, as an e-scooter, doesn’t just play its core role in commuting. Actually, Mantis 8 has a variety of hidden gameplay waiting for you to find and research.

Take a ride during office breaks

White collars tend to spend more time working in the office or choose to stay at home after work. They tend to stay indoors, which leads to deterioration of their bodies and increasing depression. In the rest time of work, go out to ride the electric scooter for 10 minutes, feel the sunshine and fresh air, relax and get a better working state. Also, your mental and physical health will get improved.

Don’t worry about noise destroying the quiet working environment. Mantis 8 helps to reduce this noise pollution on our roads and working places. The combination of vehicles and electricity neatly avoids this problem. Although the electric engine will make some noise, these small decibels obviously do not affect people's normal life. Drive an electric scooter and enjoy the quiet atmosphere.

 Interaction with kids during the weekend

Spend the weekend riding an electric scooter with your Family or friends. It will be an adventure and friendship experience that children will never forget. At the same time, a sense of balance can also help children perform better in other sports. Parents can also put aside the worry of work and fully enjoy the interactive time with their children.

Bring a Mantis 8 on a road trip

If you want to go on vacation and take a scooter with you, it won't take up much space in your car. When you need to take a short trip, you will find that it’s a happiness to own such a convenient means of transportation.

Taking a photo with your Mantis 8 will help you attract more attention from visitors nearby. And you can also post it on your social media platform. Believe me, with more exposure, more users will become your followers.

Try modification

Modification is what every man and mechanic enthusiast wants to try. The assembly of these parts lets you know more about the structure of the whole e-scooter. Then, you can purchase some small parts to modify your e-scooter, which helps it get better performance. If you want, shoot a video to record it and post your beautiful memory on YouTube is also a good choice.

Ride in different landforms, get fun in the attempt

Mantis 8 has excellent off-road performance. It will be perfect if you choose an off-road scooter that uses pneumatic tires. The reason is that: Solid tires are not generally slippery, with more traction. This does work well for rides in rough terrain. That is the reason why pneumatic tires are used more with off-road e-scooters.

We hope that our users can try to research the unique riding experience in different terrain like grassland. Riding in this complex terrain is also a challenge. Find fun in the repeated attempt!

Sharing with friends

Sharing Mantis 8 with your best friends. Show and teach them how to ride it safely. Tell them how much fun you get when riding Mantis 8. You can enjoy the envious gaze from your friends because they consider that you have such a great cool scooter.

So, why are you waiting? Purchase Mantis 8 quickly! Unlock more gameplay!


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