Why we never use solid tires?

Why We Never Use Solid Tires?-pics

Solid tires or pneumatic tires?

When choosing your scooters, it's easy to find that mid-end/high-end models are all equipped with pneumatic tires. However, I believe that only a few consumers know the exact difference between solid tires and pneumatic tires, and why pneumatic tires are so popular in e-scooter industry.

Preface: Pay attention to those electric scooters with solid tires over $1000!!! (Apart from some design issues like Mantis 10, high-quality electric scooters should be equipped with pneumatic tires) 

 Why we insist on Pneumatic tires?

First, let we talk about the conclusion, according to our extensive testing, the solid tires is much more bumpy than the pneumatic tires which can even discomfort you.

Better ride cushioning

The air inside pneumatic tires can create a suspension effect and provide enhanced shock absorption. This means that the tire may cushion the rider from excessive impact when driving over uneven terrain, which is an important advantage of pneumatic tires over solid tires.

Better traction

Pneumatic tires are less likely to slip when rolling on the ground, with all-round chains pneumatic tires can better match the brake system and allow you to stop faster without sliding. What’s more, they provide better traction even in wet and cold conditions.

Excellent off-road performance

It will be horrible if you choose an off-road scooter that uses solid tires. The reason is that: Solid tires are generally slippery, with less traction. This does not work well for rides in rough terrain. That is the reason why pneumatic  tires are used more with off-road e-scooters.

Why we dont recommend solid tires?

  • Less stable rides.
  • More slippery.
  • Wear off relatively faster.

There are many disadvantages of solid tires on an electric scooter, including heavier weight, worse traction, and poorer ride. Not only will solid tires affect your ride quality, but also solid tires are very hard to replace. In addition, solid tires will have less traction than pneumatic tires, especially in wet conditions, sometimes even accidents such as explosions can occur.

How to change a tire?

Please follow the link below to guide replacement.



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