What’s the difference between Mantis 8 and other $1000 e-scooters?

What's the difference between the Mantis 8 and other $1000scooters?-pic1

Around the world, more than 100 thousand people ride Mantis 8 for a commute every day. Why do so many people pick Mantis 8 in complex e-scooter merchants? Because we have installed the most qualified and costly accessories on the models. Not every 2*500w e-scooter has the same traction. Not every foldable e-scooter has a scientifically proven structure.

Silicone Pad

We placed a silicone pad on the Mantis 8, which could avoid the accident effectively. It also gives the scooter a very textured look. It’s convenient to clean as well. Some e-scooters even have no suitable official silicone pads, which only allow customers to stick the sandpaper. That’s an unqualified product.

 Disk Brake + EABS

We fix the renowned brand brakes on the Mantis 8, which is the highest stander in this field. Apart from that, we also have the EAB system on the Mantis 8. What’s that? Only we have this technology currently. It’s an intelligent technology system, which means that the faster the speed, the more pronounced the braking effect, ensuring people’s safety.

 Four shock absorbers

It’s universal to find two absorbers around the rear motor, but we install four absorbers on both the front motor and rear motor. This allows you have the perfect experience when you ride it downstairs. Even on some rough roads. Everyone could propagate that their e-scooter could ride on the off-road, but we have experimented that Mantis 8 is true could be ridden in tough places without any uncomfortable feeling.

 Tubeless tires

We have emphasized in many blogs that tubeless tires are more expensive and have higher endurance. But I can’t omit it in this essay either. Solid tires are always used on cheap vehicles such as bikes children’s scooters, which means that it satisfies the low-speed need. But tubeless tires have been installed on cars and airplanes, it has a stronger ability to tolerate weight and satisfies a swift speed need, even over 200 mph. 


I could say, enough capacity battery is the most costly part of the whole e-scooter. We fix a big brand battery in Mantis 8, which is more than 3 times as much as those cheap normal batteries. We ensure the range of Mantis 8 is accurate and the lifetime of the battery is longer than other brands' e-scooter. Moreover, it’s important to choose a qualified battery, there are lots of charging accidents around the world, most of them are made by the unknown manufacturing company. We sponsor customers to use big brand and high-quality batteries, which will protect you and your family from getting injured.

Above all, Mantis 8 has a very high cost. Those small companies can’t afford this type of merchant. But we’re really careful on e-scooter commerce. We insist that we will invent more and more high-performance e-scooter, which will satisfy people not only appearance need also their speed and handle the fun need. The new year is coming, just purchase a Mantis 8 for you or your lover. You deserve the better transport tool. 


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