Max Power Output

48V 13Ah

Battery Capacity

25 N•m

Top Torque

25 Miles

Max Range

20 degrees

Climbing Angle

264 lbs

Max Load

Mantis 8 - Compact Performance Scooter

The Mantis 8 is Kaabo’s answer to compact performance. Built-in a small, but incredibly sturdy package, the Mantis 8 is designed to provide fast-paced daily urban commuting and adventurous trail riding capabilities. Find out what lightweight performance really means when you get on the powerful Mantis 8 dual motor!

"The Kaabo Mantis 8 is one of the ESG team’s favorite scooters, offering a super solid ride and comfortable acceleration from a popular, world-renowned brand. "

"I'm excited to see this Mantis 8 added to their lineup. I think it fills a very nice gap between the more ridiculous scooters with crazy high power and the smaller commuter scooters that lack suspension or large batteries."

What make the Mantis 8 the best in its class?

This e-scooter is designed to replicate the exhilarating riding experience of a sports car, with a soft ride suspension and powerful dual motors to get you up to top speed quickly. The Mantis 8 is engineered with dual brushless 500W motors that offer a top speed of 25 mph.

Utilize Kaabo’s intuitive ride selection to shift from the single motor power-saving mode to the maximum performance dual motor mode. This dual motor layout allows riders to conquer up to 20% inclines.

500W Dual Motors

  • 1000W Motor Power
  • 25 N.M Motor Torque

Mantis 8 has Dual Motors of 500W that together bring you 1000W of power. Dual motor techonology it means that all the power is delivered evenly between front and bag wheels giving you improved traction,accleration, and much less wear on the motors and tires than a single motor model!


Kaabo utilizes this Sine Wave controller to give you a wide range of riding options that fit your preferences.


The dual 500-watt motor brushless hubs for Mantis 8 are found in the front and rear wheels. This 1000 Watts of Combined Power provides a maximum of 25 mph of speed and the ability to climb up to 20-degree inclines.


Enjoy the extended 25-mile range capabilities from the high-capacity 48V 13Ah lithium-ion battery.


The stand-out component designed for control and handling comes from the wide-tread 8-inch tires, signifying the “8” in Mantis 8.


Using 120mm disc brakes, the Mantis 8 provides riders with the confidence that they are in control. With front and rear disc brakes, you will be able to stop safely in an instant.


With high visibility front, side, and rear LED lighting, you can feel safe and aware when riding in the darkest of environments.




Max Speed 25 mph

Max Range 24.8 miles

Climbing Angle 20 degrees

Max Load 264 lbs

Battery Capacity 48V 13Ah

Battery TypeTernary lithium-ion 18650

Motor Power 500w*2

Charger 54.6V 2A

Charger Time(2A) approx 6.5hrs

Charger Time(4A+2A) approx 3.3hrs

Shock Absorber C-Type Spring Shock Absorber

Brake 120mm Disk Brakes + EABS

Lighting LED

ControllerSine Wave

Display Sine Wave

Open Size 45.6*23.6*46.8 inches (1160*600*1190mm)

Folding Size45.6*23.6*18.7 inches (1160*600*476mm)

Net Weight 53 lbs

Tire 8" Tubeless Road Tires

Material T6082 Aviation Grade Aluminum Forged in One Piece

* The maximum speed of the product is tested under dual-motor mode.

* The maximum range of the product is tested under conditions of 165-pound load, with a full charge of capacity, riding on a flat road at a constant speed with sufficient tire pressure.

* The photos are for your reference.