The Complete 2021 Dual Motor E-Scooter Buyer's Guide

It can  be challenging to choose the proper e-scooter for your daily needs. Our detailed guide will walk you through all of the necessary features and functions that you should be using in order to choose the best electric scooter.

Kaabo USA is back again in 2021 to share with you a beginner's guide to choosing the right e-scooter for your needs. From daily riding to weekend adventuring, we have models designed for every possible riding scenario.

Across the USA, Kaabo has a network of riders cruising city streets and tearing up off-road trails. Be sure to also check our reviews page to see what our community is saying about our scooters!

About E-Scooters

While e-scooter share companies first created large hype for e-scooters in the USA, many riders are seeing the advanced benefits of buying a scooter for personal use.

With factors such as distancing from shared transportation and a variety of commuting or usage needs, there are many benefits of choosing to purchase your own electric scooter.

While there are many individual needs for electric scooter, such as commuting to work, replacing your car or having some personal transport with a small footprint, Kaabo has a model for you.

Our detailed guide will help you find out which Kaabo USA electric scooter model is the best suitable for your individual needs and compliments on your lifestyle.


Key Features 

Firstly, we need to define some of the features that make an e-scooter “the best.” This list is a general observation of some of the best features that any e-scooter user should look for when choosing their first, second, or twentieth electric scooter.

For those with some experience using an e-scooter before, it may be clear what qualities stand out for your needs. 

  • Dual motors for high top speeds and high-performance riding
  • Strong battery for extended range and power output
  • Advanced safety mechanics and construction for daily riding
  • Durable build quality for long-term ownership

Optional: A unique construction with a fully intentional design.

Kaabo takes all of our riders’ needs in mind when designing e-scooters, so each feature and build is made to be fully intentional and efficient. Each of our e-scooter models are created to be adaptable to suit any person’s needs.

We will go into detail in how each Kaabo USA electric scooter uses each of these key features in a unique way.

The Best Commuter Electric Scooter

Commuting to work is something that everyone has to do. Why not make the commute more exciting and controlled with your own electric scooter? The Kaabo Mantis 8 is the ideal commuter companion.

Take full control of your commute and skip all the traffic with the Kaabo Mantis 8. Priced at $1099, the Mantis 8 is the complete package for daily commuting needs.

This powerful, yet compact model offers everything that a commuter would need:

  • Dual 500-watt motors with a top speed of 25 mph
  • Premium Lithium-Ion Battery offering up to 24.8 miles of range on a single, full charge
  • Compact 53-pound frame with V3 Handlebar Stem
  • Disk brakes and customizable ride controller
  • Surround-Deck LED lighting for night riding
  • Smooth-ride swing-arm suspension

The Mantis 8 is the definitive commuter electric scooter. This is a model designed for those commuting to work or going to the store.

The Mantis 8 is an essential tool for commuters and city riders. The Mantis 8 is suitable for all riders, from beginners to e-scooter veterans.

The Best City Riding Electric Scooter

If you are looking for a city e-scooter that is built for performance, then look no further than the Mantis 10. This electric scooter has a design similar to the commuter favorite, the Mantis 8.

The larger 10-inch tires compliment the additional power and performance behind the handlebars of the Mantis 10.


The Mantis 10, the Top Ten in 2021 

The Mantis 10 is built to reflect the sleek design and performance of premium sports cars. Priced at $2,399, the Mantis 10 is the final answer to all-around city riding performance.

The Mantis 10 is built on Kaabo’s exclusive performance-ready platform, featuring:

  • Dual 1000-watt motors with a top speed of 37 mph
  • Premium LG Lithium-Ion Battery offering up to 60 miles of range on a single, full charge
  • Durable Sports Frame with V3 Handlebar Stem
  • Hydraulic Brakes and Exclusive Minimotors EY3 ride customization controller
  • Surround-Deck LED lighting for night riding
  • Smooth-ride swing-arm suspension

The Mantis 10 takes all of the favorite features of the compact Mantis 8 and provides extra power and handling features for riders.

This is the premium model for city-based riding. The Mantis 10 performance is built to provide thrills for city riding.

The Best All-Terrain Electric Scooter

One realm that few electric scooters have yet to explore is all-terrain capability. Kaabo is the long-time leader in this class, with the all-powerful Wolf Warrior 11.

The Wolf Warrior 11 is built for riding in various conditions and matches performance of Sport Utility Vehicles.

Wolf warior 11

The Wolf Warrior 11, the top one in Community

The Wolf Warrior 11 is the whole package, harnessing all of the potentials of electric scooter ability.

With components built to provide raw power and all-terrain performance, the Wolf Warrior 11 is a great model for weekday riding and weekend exploration. Priced at $2,999, the Wolf Warrior packs all of the features and performance requirements that could replace your car!

Regardless of where you are headed, the Wolf Warrior 11 will take you there.

The Wolf Warrior riding platform features some of the pinnacles of Kaabo’s electric scooter design: 

  • Dual Multi-Terrain 1200-watt motors with a top speed of 50 mph
  • High Performance LG Lithium-Ion Battery offering up to 93 miles on a single, full charge
  • Sports Utility single-forged frame
  • Full hydraulic Brakes with ABS system
  • 11-inch all-terrain tires
  • Hydraulic fork front suspension

The Wolf Warrior is Kaabo’s flagship all-terrain model. There is no competitor that can provide the amazing abilities of this electric scooter.

Beginner electric scooters be aware that there is a slight learning curve for the Wolf Warrior 11 given its massive power output.

The Wolf Warrior also has an extremely sturdy all-terrain frame that weighs more than the lightweight Mantis line.

The Wolf Warrior as become an indicator of power in the electric scooter community, setting standards for the whole industry.

Choosing Your Electric Scooter As you have seen, there is variety of options for electric scooters. At the end of our outline, the advice we can provide to you is to choose the electric scooter that compliments your needs and lifestyle the most.

  • What are you going to use the electric scooter for?
  • How many times in a week will you ride? 
  • Where will you ride? Only on city streets, or off-road too?
  • What is the usual mileage of your commute?
  • What is the time it takes to get to work when driving a car?
  • How about when riding an e-scooter?

Questions like these and many more will help you come to a conclusion and determine which electric scooter is built for you. Kaabo has gone above and beyond to design electric scooters suitable for many riders and their riding needs. Contact our team at if you have further questions or need guidance for choosing the right e-scooter. Get in touch with us quickly by contacting us through our new contact form! Additionally, Kaabo USA provides detailed maintenance help and rider assistance for all of our customers as they need after purchasing an official Kaabo USA electric scooter. We hope that you learned something new about choosing the right electric scooter model for you. If you have any further questions, feel free to reach out to our professional team or shoot us a message on social media!


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