Apply For the New Kaabo USA Affiliate Program and Earn More!

Apply For The New Kaabo USA Affiliate Program And Earn More!-pics

Share Your Kaabo USA Experience With Your Audience and Get Something Back

To consider if the Kaabo USA Affiliate program is suitable for you, take a look at some of the questions we have made.

Do you have an interest in high performance electric scooters?

Have you purchased with Kaabo USA and would like to share your experiences with your friends and community members? 

Are you an influencer with an audience that will appreciate electric scooter content?

Do you want to make some passive income from each sale from your individual click-through link? 

There are many benefits that come with being a Kaabo USA brand affiliate. We worked to develop a plan and terms that reward you for your hard work and dedication to the Kaabo Community. 

How to Join The Kaabo USA Affiliate Program

Kaabo-USA-affiliate Program: percentage of sale - 4% Commision (get at least $35), cookie: 30 days

The sign-up process is straightforward, just Click Here to be forwarded to the  application page. 

After filling out the form, we will take a look at your information and then you can expect a reply from us in a couple of days.

Upon successful application and approval, we will provide you with a unique $100 coupon towards buying your desired Kaabo USA electric scooter.

When you receive your scooter, feel free to make content of any type and share it with your friends and more with specific guidelines to use your referral ID so they save more and for you to earn some money from the sale! 

What are the Requirements to Join?

The Kaabo USA Team is looking for anyone that is interested to join our affiliate program. We will ask you some questions about your intentions for sharing your Kaabo USA story and the platforms you use to do so! Anyone is permitted to join the community of affiliates. 

Just remember, the ability to earn money from your affiliate link starts with the work from you. It is not until another person uses your link or unique discount code that we can give you the percentage of the sale that you earned. This means, the harder you work and the more people that see your code, the more potential you have to find great success! 



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