Can Riding An Electric Scooter Improve Your Fitness?

Can Riding An Electric Scooter Improve Your Fitness?-pics

We all know that electric scooters possess powerful motors, so you don’t need to exert much energy or work up a sweat to keep them in motion. It’s surprising until you ride an electric scooter for any length of time that there is actually more exercise involved than you initially might have thought. Not only are they an environmentally friendly, compact and fun way to commute, but they also provide a range of health benefits, including improved fitness. 

Low-Intensity Workout

Hitting the gym, going for a jog and walking are all excellent ways to get fit. However, people get lazy and those expensive gym memberships go to waste. If you’re not good at incorporating regular exercise into your daily routine, riding an electric scooter to work might be an easier way to start out because it’s a low-intensity workout without leaving you feeling completely exhausted. This form of exercise allows you to start slow and get a good workout without feeling like you need to push yourself too hard. Remember, it really is working your muscles, and you're liable to suffer delayed muscle soreness if you ride for too long when first getting started.

Once you get used to riding your e-scooter, you can increase the intensity of your workout by changing your route, going on different terrain, or even tackling some smaller hills. You'll be amazed at how much better you'll get at taking those tight turns at a faster speed! We can say that Electric scooters improve your fitness. 

Help you build core strength inadvertently

"You core isn't something that you can switch on or off," says Burton. "It's always going to be on. If I say to you, try getting out of bed without using your core, it can't happen. Every time you sneeze, cough or laugh your core is contracting, so it's important you build sufficient core strength for whatever task you're doing."

 If you've never ridden an electric scooter before, you'll probably balance by grabbing the handlebars when you drive the Kaabo Mantis 8 for the first time. But as you drive more and more, you'll find that tightening your core muscles is the right way to stabilize yourself. As you accelerate, decelerate, brake, and turn over and over again, your core muscles tighten and relax. As you get better at riding, you will naturally build strength in your core muscles.

This means you don't have to do boring exercises on purposes like Plank, Glute Bridge, or Dead Bug. But that's not to say that riding a kaabo mantis 8 can replace all that exercise. There are limits to how effective it can be.

Your balance will be improved if you ride kaabo mantis 8

"Practiced over time, it will soon become a subconscious action and help to maintain the correct position, posture and provide you with greater support, balance, control, and strength."says Burton.

Balance is one of the six components of health-related exercise, and while balancing may seem like a basic skill, riding an e-scooter will help you develop it further without requiring much effort. This is particularly useful for clumsy people. When you’re riding an electric scooter, you need to maintain equal weight on both sides. 

Balance is closely connected to your core strength. By riding your electric scooter to tone your core muscles while you’ll also get the opportunity to improve your balance. Notably, riding an electric scooter requires you to stabilize yourself as you skirt around corners, zip down hills, and slow down for stop signs. In turn, you can use each riding session to work on your balance. Over time, the improvements in your balance can be quite impressive.

For people starting out, balancing may be difficult but over time it’ll become second nature. You will also gain more balance as you experience turning more corners, going around bends, and riding up hills. You will notice over time that you have a more upright posture with straightened back. This is also highly beneficial as you get older when your joints start to weaken.

Your Coordination will be improved if you ride kaabo mantis 8

Whether you’re naturally clumsy or well-coordinated, riding an electric scooter can help you improve your ability to execute several tasks at once. You need to focus when you’re riding an electric scooter because many things are happening around you. On top of that, you need to perform different tasks simultaneously such as steer, accelerate, indicate, turn, etc. All of these actions require excellent coordination; otherwise, it may result in an injury or accident.  Once you’re comfortable riding around on an e-scooter, you’ll notice it takes you less time to balance on your scooter and perform actions much faster. You’ll also be able to avoid any obstacles that come your way.

Eventually, Having good coordination can help you in performing other tasks in your daily life too. If it does, you can thank your trusty e-scooter for providing such fun coordination training.


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