Electric Scooter Safety and maintenance: Getting Ready for Spring

Electric Scooter Safety And Maintenance: Getting Ready For Spring-pics

The weather is getting better, and you can finally get out of the house for a while. It's also time to warm up your Kaabo Mantis 8 electric scooter and hit the road with your two-wheeler. This is the best time to inspect and repair your scooter where needed. Since the Kaabo Mantis is a dual motor electric scooter, there is no changing of oils and cleaning exhausts. Here are a few things you can do to tune up and keep your scooter in top shape and ready for spring.  

Safety when riding

Slow down downhill

We know it's exciting to let go and zoom downhill, but the Kaabo Mantis 8 accelerates fast and picks up speed quickly, and at the top speed of 25mph, you might go a little too fast. To prevent any accidents, decelerate when going downhill and use the brakes sparingly because you'll need them for a while.

Stick to your lane

Always ride your Kaabo Mantis scooter on the bike lane. If you can't figure out the bike lane, you can use Google Maps to direct you.

Mind the law

Following traffic laws is mandatory even when on a scooter. Stop when you are required to, yield way, and watch the speed limits.

    Kaabo Scooter spring maintenance

    Clean out your Kaabo Mantis e-scooter and give it a brief test drive to spot any faults beforehand. When maintaining and inspecting it, try not to overlook anything, however trivial. Check all your Kaabo Mantis riding gear, including a helmet, knee pads, elbow pads, and wrist guards, and clean each.

    Next, you'll need to inspect the gear.

    The Helmet

    Check that your Kaabo Mantis 8 riding helmet has any cracks or sustained damages. If it is cracked, dented, or worn, you'll need to get a new one. Check that it still provides a snug fit and buckles firmly under the chin without sliding. If it no longer fits, get a new one from Kaabo.

    The Pads

    Your pads should still be intact and have no wear or damage. The foam cushions shouldn't be torn or crumbling. Replace the pads if they are damaged or worn out. If the pad is too small, doesn't close securely, or is a little too tight, it's time to get new ones.

    Maintaining your Kaabo Mantis scooter

    The deck

    It's rare that the Aluminum alloy Kaabo Mantis 8 deck frame could be cracked but take a look anyway. The deck should comfortably accommodate both your feet without flexing.

    The charger and battery

      Examine your dual motor e-scooter charger for any signs of damage, including worn cords, broken plugs, or damaged enclosures. If the charger is damaged, don't try to charge your Kaabo Mantis scooter. Try to repair or replace your charger with the original charger. We hope you kept your battery in good condition during winter. If you did, it should be able to last you a while longer. If that wasn't the case, consider getting a new one.

      The brakes

      Stand on the deck and step on the rear brake or squeeze the brake lever. Listen for any rubbing, squeaking, grinding, or vibrating. If the brakes don't seem to be working, replace them with original Kaabo Mantis brake parts. Check the amount of brake fluid in the hydraulic EABS brakes and top up if needed or replace it if it's been there a while. Recheck the brakes with a little drive just to be sure.

      The Tires

      Check out your Kaabo Mantis 8 scooter wheels for any signs of excessive wear and tear, torn/worn treads, loose axles, grinding bearings, side-to-side play, and make plans to replace them. If they are deflated, check their recommended PSI on the side of the tire and use a bike pump to inflate them.

      Steering and suspension

      If there were any handling instabilities during test rides, diagnose and correct them. Watch out for an excess play with the wheel or extra tilting in a curve. If you can't find or diagnose and fix the fault yourself, contact a Kaabo Mantis service center. It's probably suspension, shock absorbers, and bearing components that need repairing. 

      Everything else

      With the Kaabo Mantis manual, check that the guards, covers, and protectors are in place. Secure any loose fasteners and tighten each nut and bolt. Ensure the collar clamp, quick release levers, handlebar springs, and movable parts are locked in place. Lubricate any moving parts as well. Check the lights, indicators, horns, plugs, and connectors.

      Time to test it

      Take out your Kaabo Mantis 8 after everything is fixed and tightened up, don your gear and give it an easy ride on the driveway or sidewalk. Try out the brakes applying pressure gently. Pay attention to any rattling, clanking sounds that may indicate broken, worn or loose parts.

      If everything seems good, time to get on the road and give the dual-motor scooter a proper run!


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