Electric scooter suspension: All you need to know

Electric Scooter Suspension: All You Need To Know-pics

Car manufacturers spend obscenely large amounts of time perfecting their suspension designs because they are essential for smooth handling and comfort when driving. They primarily reduce the impact of non-uniform road surfaces on the car, including bumps and potholes, making for smoother riding. Electric scooters also need suspensions for the same reasons. The suspension is essential for a buttery-smooth driving experience and the distinguishing feature of an okay and a great scooter. The suspension on your electric scooter like the Kaabo Mantis 8 absorbs the impact of the road and the wheels and keeps the ride smooth and controlled even when you're trailblazing off-road.

Parts of the electric scooter suspension

  • Preload;this part raises the suspension and keeps it on top of its travel, so your scooter stays balanced always.
  • Coil or spring;is what smoothens the ride by moving up and down to compensate for uneven road surfaces when you are riding. Springs prevent shocks, hold your weight and cushion your impact when driving over a bump. The spring also sets the ride height.
  • Shocks;they control the movement of the coils or springs to keep your electric scooter wheels grounded.
  • Limiter straps;are included to reduce the impact of shocks when riding over bumps or dips.

The electric scooter spring suspension like the one on the Kaabo Mantis works with the tubeless tires to improve the smoothness of the ride, even if you are driving over a rough patch or going over bumps.

Rear or front suspension

Your scooter may have a dual or single suspension, but you probably want one with both. An electric scooter like the Kaabo Mantis 8 will have dual front and rear suspension. Because of its 8" wide tread street-ready tubeless road tires and dual front and rear spring suspension with C-Type spring shock absorbers, the Kaabo mantis 8 is unmatched in stability and comfort on the road. Its soft-ride dual suspension offers premium comfort and hassle-free riding whether you're riding over a bumpy road or off-roading. For the mantis 8, its rigid aluminum alloy frame, wide street tires, and dual front and rear spring suspension blend well for a smooth and coordinated ride.

Types of suspensions on your electric scooter

  1. Spring suspension

A spring suspension system uses a spring that moves up and down to compensate for the impacts of the road. It tries to maintain the riders' center of gravity and comfort, especially when going over bumps by stretching or compressing as you go over dips and bumps. Dual rear and front spring suspension is the most common dual-motor scooter suspension system.

  1. Hydraulic suspension

Hydraulic suspension systems are generally more responsive and faster than the others. This system uses a hydraulic actuator that fills with fluid when the electric scooter passes through bumps. This makes the components connected to it to bounce and keeps the tires grounded and avoid forceful impacts when falling after being suspended.

  1. Rubber suspension

It uses soft, flexible rubber that stays soft and absorbs shock from impacts. Rubber is also lighter and elastic; it keeps riding noise low and offers greater stability with reduced maintenance.

Why you need suspension on your electric scooter

Imperfections in the road surface are why your electric scooter needs suspension. If every road surface were perfectly flat, you wouldn't need suspension on your electric two-wheeler. Suspension improves ride comfort when riding through rough, bumpy roads with potholes. Since most roads are uneven, your scooters' suspension helps make the ride smoother. A smoother ride means you also have more control of your scooter and have fewer jerky movements when you hit something.

The shock absorbers and wide wheels on the Kaabo Mantis scooter absorb the impact and prevent quick, unexpected turns. This allows you to accelerate, brake and take corners safely. The C-spring suspension prevents direct impact shocks on the scooter frame and keeps it damage-free. If you frequently ride on a rough road, the suspension will get worn faster, but the scooter's body will last longer.

Adjusting and caring for your scooter suspension

If you ride your Kaabo Mantis 8 electric scooter frequently, chances are the suspension has loosened up. You will need to tighten the screws to the correct tension then test it out to ensure everything is working as expected. If the screws are too tight, the suspension will be too stiff on bumps. If you tend to lose balance when negotiating turns or on rough terrain, the suspension is probably too loose.

To increase the longevity of your suspension you will need to maintain it. The basic tips include tightening the screws occasionally and lubricating the spring suspension system. If the stiffness persists, the spring might be the issue, and you will need to take the electric scooter to an approved service center.


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