Electric Vehicles are the way of the future, even in winter.

Similar to the technological revolution of globalization brought about by electricity and the internet, new energy will bring about a new technological revolution that will overthrow the status of oil on the planet and create a new value system. The development of new energy can lead to the development of several industries, and electric scooters are one of them.

US Secretary of Energy Steven Chu has published an op-ed in Newsweek entitled "Abandoning Oil". In it, he wrote that the current Obama administration is taking significant steps to keep energy independent ...... "By changing the way we use energy, we can create new jobs and entirely new industries based on America's resources, America's ingenuity, and America's workers ".

In a traditional way, people always ride e-scooter to the subway station or to the workplace. This situation could change in near future. Because of the further and swift development of electric vehicle technology. The max range of e-scooter is increasing sharply, the performance of e-scooters has improved in long-distance trips. Mantis 8 max range is around 20 miles, and with that, it can satisfy most people's commute needs. What's even more interesting is that almost everyone who buys an electric scooter has seen their happiness level rise dramatically in life.

Now, why don’t you join this wave of cool and slick electric vehicles by getting your own e-scooter? Now’s the best time to own your personal electric scooter. You can ride in full electric mode and scooters are not as bulky as e-bikes - You even don’t need to find a parking lot to place it as you can easily take them inside with you.

Another thing to consider about the future is how do electric scooters compare to traditional ways of transport in terms of carbon footprint? Electric scooters are called low-carbon transport because they consume about one kWh of electricity per 100 kilometers and thus emit 0.96 kg of carbon dioxide, compared to 5.75 kg per motorbike, 23 kg per car, and 3.45 kg per person on a bus.

Alright, you convinced me, but it’s already winter: how to protect the escooter in winter?

 A: It is easy to see that in winter, the range of both electric cars and electric scooters is reduced compared to other seasons. Cold air does harm the battery life but if you maintain your escooter well you can protect the motor from the elements and added stress.

First of all, place your escooter in a warm place, like your home. Secondly, remember to keep regular charge frequency even if you don’t need to go to the office for a long time - especially if you keep the scooter outside as the battery drains even without use faster because of the cold weather. If you can it’s also recommended to just ride it regularly. Lastly, keep it away from the water and slush. Wipe away the snow before you come in to avoid it melting on the scooter.

If you do love winter scooter riding then pay attention to how your city takes care of the roads. If they use salt to melt the roads then be careful as salt increases corrosion and is harmful not only to cars but also to scooters and bikes.

That’s about it for the scooter. So if you got interested then why not check out Kaabo Mantis 8. It’ll surely let you ride happily all year round!


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