Exult at the International Women’s Day! Call Me A Woman!


Call Me A Woman

--- Nancy R. Smith

I am twenty-five And when I am called a girl I speak like a girl

I flirt and giggle and play dumb.  

But when I remember I am a woman,

I put away childish things and speak out, and share, and love.

I am thirty-six and when I am called a girl I think like a girl

I feel incompetent, so I serve and help the men around me.

But when I remember I am a woman,

I put away childish things And work and create and achieve.

I am fifty-two and when I am called a girl I understand like a girl

I let others protect me from the world.

But when I remember I am a woman,

I put away childish things And decide, and risk, and live my own life. 

The History of Successful Women And E-scooter

In celebration of International Women's Day, Kaabo USA is overjoyed! Kaabo USA Electric Scooters honor all women worldwide for their beauty, kindness, patience, bravery, persistence, and greatness in the opening article. They should be the owners of all lovely things. As time passes, women continue to make strenuous advancements and impose tremendous pressure on a variety of new possibilities. Several women have excelled throughout history in a variety of fields, including Mary Lyon in education, Judy Faulkner in medical, Ruth Bader Ginsburg in law, Katherine in finance, and many more. They share the same aspirational spirit as Kaabo USA's consistent updates, which have produced superb Mantis 8 and Wolf Warrior 11. Also, there are women who have repeatedly appeared in electric scooters area. 

In reality, a woman rode an electric scooter around the streets of New York in the early 1916s to symbolize the advancement and freedom of women. History has been cultivated, embellished, and created by women. After repeatedly taking on Tony Hawk, the representative Lizzie Armanto was the first woman to appear on the cover of TransWorld Skateboarding, and Carlin was named the female rider champion of the 2022 Swiss Electric Scooter Championship. Since then, an increasing number of women have chosen electric scooters as a form of transportation as well as a representation of the independence and freedom of contemporary women.

The Benefits of E-scooter to Women

Aside from the long-standing association between women and electric scooters, electric scooters—particularly Kaabo USA's Mantis 8 and Wolf Warrior 11 models—can really have a positive impact on women's health.

Burn Calories And Loss Weight

One of the things that ladies could give the greatest thought to is losing weight. Riding the Mantis 8 will enable you to squeeze in daily workout quickly and burn calories even if you don't have additional time to go to the gym or exercise. You can slow down your dual motor and improve your body's movement and support, which can help you achieve lean legs. You can recline and burn as many calories as you like as long as you remain moving. Ladies who want to increase their endurance and ride farther can use electric assistance. Moreover, cycling is a proven way for elders to keep youth by strengthening their muscles through interval training and increasing resistance.While doing this, alternately move your legs to increase blood circulation, which ensures a speedy metabolism and preserves youth. The results will undoubtedly be better if you continue to combine regular riding with a balanced diet.

Reduce Your Stress

Any woman's healthy lifestyle may be impacted by a common issue called stress. Indeed, regular exercise, exposure to the outdoors, and beautiful scenery can all help to reduce stress. By changing surroundings and boosting endorphin production through outdoor activities and fresh air, you can reduce stress and improve your mental health. Also, beautiful scenery can simultaneously gratify the sight and lift your spirits. A positive attitude permeates your entire state of being.

Boost your energy level

No matter the Kaabo Mantis 8 or Kaabo Wolf Warrior 11, their high speed, powerful engines, and unmatched off-road prowess can significantly increase your energy level. Riding an electric scooter can help you unwind and find calm, increase your blood flow, and fortify your immune system. You need stress, weight, and energy to strengthen your immune system. Conversely, the immune system can defend the relevant organs. Hence, electric scooters can help to create a sound cycling.

Toast to All Great Women

Kaabo USA is dedicated to treating all women with respect and giving them access to more experience. If you are a young girl, have the courage to ride your futuristic electric scooter to explore your own life path; if you are a mother, treat yourself kindly and ride a scooter to reduce your commute time so that you can spend more time with yourself and your family; and if you are a senior, simply ride your scooter to immerse yourself in the rest of life to wherever you want to go, dropping passing regrets and troubles! Kaabo USA honors all the wonderful women for their greatness and for their long-lasting support. Each new customer will help Kaabo USA expand. Kaabo USA will keep growing with each of you, to be better, to be stronger and to achieve our dream!

HAPPY INTERNATIONAL WOMEN'S DAY! Let's celebrate, salute, rejoice, and bestow blessings on one another today in honor of women everywhere.


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