Four Best accessories for Mantis 8

People love riding Mantis 8 through the cities and countrysides. Today we take a look at what kind of accessories can make their rides even better and more convenient.

1. Cell phone holders

When we enjoy our travel with lovely Mantis 8, safety is the most important thing, we need to hold the handlebar with both hands. But sometimes, we need to be guided by GPS. It’s difficult and dangerous to pull out your cell phone from your pocket and take a look. Obviously, in this situation, the cell phone holder will be a great assistance for us.

When riding the Mantis 8, you can see the route quickly from your phone or even hear the voice assistant if the surrounding is not too loud as the sound from the electric motor itself is very low.

When choosing a suitable holder we suggest everyone use ones made from silicone because they are suitable for sport but they also don’t rust so you don’t need to worry about it if it gets wet and your phone holder will last you for a long time.


2. Chain lock

During the summer, Kaabo USA Team has unfortunately seen too many posts online where people complained about their scooters getting stolen. If you are leaving your escooter outside it’s best to lock it with a really sturdy lock that isn’t easy to cut - at least not with the regular blot cutters. Remember, it isn’t really about the lock not being able to get cut since they all give in the end but it’s about time and effort. Make sure that your’s is going to be as difficult to steal as possible.

The best locking places for Mantis 8 are the loops that connect the deck to the stem as it’s solid metal. As for where to lock it try to find a roadside column or something else that won’t budge.

When you are riding your Mantis 8 you can just put your lock around the handle of the scooter. It’s easy to be placed and it’s also could be a decoration if choose one that looks cool.

3. Storage case

An e-scooter is different from other transportation. Mantis 8 has outstanding portability and efficiency. However, it is hard to store some personal belongings and gear this is when a storage case attached to the scooter is useful. We at Kaabo know this, currently, we are offering people ordering the Mantis 8  a gift storage case that you can attach in the front just under the handlebar. It looks great and it’s very convenient.

The case is Kaabo branded and made from waterproof fabric. When you go out to have fun with your friends and family, you can store some of your stuff in it and lock it. We believe the Kaabo case will become one of your favorite travel partners.

4. Rearview Mirror

When you ride Mantis 8 on the road, you should take care of cars behind you. It’s risky turning your head around to see the traffic behind you. So you should keep concentrate on the road ahead. Then the rearview mirror will help you to take care of the rear road condition. Not only do cars and bikes need a rearview mirror, but e-scooters also need it. You could choose to install just one on the left since we always ride on the right side of the road. Many choose to use one on both sides though as it’s useful and looks good.


Those are the four accessories we at Kaabo think are the most important ones. Of course, there are plenty of other accessories too some of which are functional and some that are there for the show.

We encourage you to share your favorite accessories and tuned up Mantis 8 photos with us. For a limited time, the best ones will receive a surprise gift from us! Just join us on Facebook and become one of Mantis 8 fans!


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