High Visibility Lighting For Safe Electric Scooter Night Riding

High Visibility Lighting For Safe Electric Scooter Night Riding-pics

Many people find that riding an e-scooter around town is a convenient way to skip traffic and avoid public transportation. While e-scooter share services first introduced electric scooters to many riders, there are many faults of those simplistic and dangerous scooters. 

Many riders have noted that in night riding conditions, those small scooters do not illuminate enough and can put riders in dangerous conditions. 

This is where Kaabo's engineering team took to the drawing board to provide practical and safe scooter designs. Kaabo USA's electric scooters are packed with safety features that will ensure you have a safe ride any time of the day.

For Those Who Ride at Night

If you find yourself out on the streets on your Kaabo USA e-scooter in the evening, you can be confident that you are in safe and easily visible riding conditions. Our electric scooters are built tough and with visibility details for night riding.

High Visibility LED Lighting

Across all models, Kaabo USA electric scooters are equipped with high-brightness LED lighting to help riders navigate in dark riding conditions. Additionally, you will be easily visible to surrounding cars, pedestrians and other riders thanks to the LED lighting.

The lights are found in the front and rear, as well as alongside the deck. The front and rear lights also operate as turning signals for safe signaling when out on the road.

The 2020 Kaabo USA Mantis 8 is one of the first and only Mantis 8 models outfitted with surround-board LED lights and turn signals.

These LED lighting features are also found, similarly, on the new Mantis 10

For those looking to light up the night when you are tearing up trails in the Kaabo USA Wolf Warrior 11, you will find that the stock lighting provides extremely high visibility and clarity. 

Along with the deck rail lighting, there are two high-beam front headlights that will provide high path visibility.

Added Safety Options

For those looking for safer riding conditions for very dark streets and paths, consider looking for detachable LED flashlights or handlebar lights to use as well. 

Remember to wear bright or reflective clothing when riding in the nighttime to improve visibility to cars and other pedestrians.

If you are interested in more safety details and features that are packed into each Kaabo USA electric scooter, take a look at our e-scooter buyers guide for additional info.


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