How To Adjust Your E-Scooter's P-Settings Easily

About P-Settings

Most e-scooters and all Kaabo USA electric scooters are outfitted with the industry standard LCD display and throttle. These throttles are designed to be easy to use and provide a range of ride customization adjustments to fit your needs.

Kaabo USA e-scooters are outfitted with the best possible throttles and our Mantis 10 and Wolf Warrior 11 e-scooters use the premium Minimotors EY3 Throttle for even more ride customization.

The Kaabo USA Mantis 8 is outfitted with a QS-S4 Throttle with similar customization options more suitable for the Mantis 8 model.


How to Access P-Settings

First, be sure to input code 1500 to gain access to your e-scooter's P-Settings


Minimotors EY3 Throttle

Step 1: Power on the Electric Scooter 

Step 2: Hold the "Mode" Button for 3 Seconds

Step 3: P-Settings Menu will open, cycle through the options with "Mode" button

Step 4: To adjust values, use the circular dot multifunction button 


Minimotors EY3 P-Settings List



LT01 Throttle


Step 1: Power On E-Scooter

Step 2: Hold the "Mode" and Power Buttons for 3-5 Seconds 

Step 3: Use "Mode" Button to move through P-settings list

Step 4: Press Power Button to choose your desired P-setting for adjustment

Step 5: Press "Mode" to increase values and Power to decrease values

Step 6: To confirm changes, let the LCD display timeout after about 5 seconds 



For Your Safety and Saving E-Scooter Performance

Do NOT adjust the settings that state "do not adjust"!