How To Adjust Your E-Scooter's P-Settings Easily

About P-Settings

Most e-scooters and all Kaabo USA electric scooters are outfitted with the industry standard LCD display and throttle. These throttles are designed to be easy to use and provide a range of ride customization adjustments to fit your needs.

Kaabo USA e-scooters are outfitted with the best possible throttles and our Mantis 10 and Wolf Warrior 11 e-scooters use the premium Minimotors EY3 Throttle for even more ride customization. The Kaabo USA Mantis 8 is outfitted with a QS-S4 Throttle with similar customization options more suitable for the Mantis 8 model.

How to Access P-Settings

Be sure to input code 1500 to gain access to your e-scooter's P-Settings 

Minimotors EY3 Throttle

Step 1: Power on the Electric Scooter 

Step 2: Hold the "Mode" Button for 3 Seconds

Step 3: P-Settings Menu will open, cycle through the options with "Mode" button

Step 4: To adjust values, use the circular dot multifunction button 

Minimotors EY3 P-Settings List

LT01 Throttle

 Step 1: Power On E-Scooter

Step 2: Hold the "Mode" and Power Buttons for 3-5 Seconds 

Step 3: Use "Mode" Button to move through P-settings list

Step 4: Press Power Button to choose your desired P-setting for adjustment

Step 5: Press "Mode" to increase values and Power to decrease values

Step 6: To confirm changes, let the LCD display timeout after about 5 seconds  

For Your Safety and Saving E-Scooter Performance

First, DO NOT adjust the settings that state "do not adjust"! Second, keep your battery well. Please charge the battery in time, while  also regularly discharge the battery in order to improve the battery capacity. Meanwhile, The problem of battery will lead to not fully charged the battery. So, please protect the charger's life well. Kaabo hopes the above tips can provide a little to you.


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