How to avoid falling into the traps of e-scooter merchants?

There are so many electric scooters on the market. With some buying guides you will learn about the price, features, riding tips, maintenance, safety, laws, parts and even the history of electric scooters and get some tools to help you with your buying research.


However, how can we tell if the electric scooter you're buying has cut corners? As a professional manufacturer of electric scooters, we'll offer some professional advice you've never seen before in this blog. And I can promise you that $1099 you spend with us is definitely worth it!

What factors can affect the performance of your e-scooter?

Suspension System

If you asked me to tell you which part is the most important one apart from the motor and the battery, it must be the suspension system. Intuitively, with a poor suspension system, your ride will even be bumpy enough to make you vomit. Mantis 8 is equipped with soft-ride dual suspension system which allow you to experience a smooth and controlled ride on different terrains.



Another point about suspension system to note is that we hide the shock springs to reduce the risk and to make them look better, which is also our patent.


Never underestimate the importance of tires. Tyre detachment accidents are so common to see. What’s reason? Some electric scooter models are not stable enough to support the weight of solid tires. We use tubeless tires to reduce the burden of the body to give you a save ride, which also make Mantis 8 lighter and more comfortable to ride.

Kaabo Tubeless Tire


We spent a large portion of your $1099 on the brake of Mantis 8. Never choose an electric scooter with inferior brakes. Spend more time on researching the brake of the e-scooter before buying it, because this is directly related to your safety. We choose Zoom Brand 120mm disc brakes for Mantis 8 so that make you never worry about whether your scooters are in control.

Kaabo Brakes

What factors can actually affect the your riding experience?


Whether your electric scooter is lightweight or not depends entirely on the weight of the body. Finding the balance between weight and performance is a difficult task. Compared to some of the 30kg electric scooters on the market, the Mantis 8 of 24kg will be much easier to carry.

Handlebar Covers

Handlebar Covers are easily overlooked by customers, however, this part can have a significant impact on your riding experience. Compared to the PVC handlebar covers, the sponge handlebar covers are much more expensive. The sponge handle cover can absorb sweat more efficiently and have a better hand feel, so if you are prone to sweaty hands, the PVC handle cover will be your best choice.

Handle Bar Cover


If you want to use your electric scooter for daily commute, an electric scooter that can be easily folded and stored will make your life more convenient. We developed our own 2 steps - folding patent to make Mantis 8 the best choice for commuting.

2-steps folding


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