How to Charge an Electric Scooter Properly

How To Charge An Electric Scooter Properly-pics

If you just got your new kaabo electric scooter, you are probably eager to get going. One of the most important things is what's best for your electric scooter battery and how to charge it properly. It is quite straightforward but there are definitely some things to be aware of.

Follow four steps to charge your e-scooter:

1. Prepare your e-scooter for charging

First of all, make sure your e-scooter is ready to be charged. Turn off your e-scooter power, remove its protective cover, prepare its charger and place it near a plug. Make sure that the port and connector are free from dust. Also, check if there’s no damage to the charger or the port before plugging them in.

2. Connect the charger to the wall

Once everything is set, start by connecting the charger to the wall first. Make a habit to plug the charger into the wall before connecting it to the e-scooter so as to protect the charger and output capacitor. Since chargers become hot while charging, make sure to put them on a non-flammable surface. Moreover, place the charger in a way that will not loosen your connection or tie a knot in the cables.

3. Check if it’s charging

Once the electric scooter is plugged in, check if the light indicator is turned on. Check on the light indicator once in a while to see if it’s completely charged. However, you don’t know how to do this if you know how long your battery should charge. While charging, experts say that it’s best to partially charge your electric scooter up to 80%, since it will increase battery life significantly. Keep this in mind when charging your electric scooter.

4. Unplug as soon as it is charged

As soon as you see the light indicator turn green, unplug your charger from the wall immediately. Overcharging is not recommended as the battery capacity will be affected. Aside from this, avoid using your e-scooter after charging. Instead, wait for at least five minutes to ride it. Since your battery may still be hot from charging, avoid riding your e-scooter in this condition. Give it a few minutes to cool down before riding.

Electric scooter charging FAQs

How long should we charge an electric scooter?

How long should my scooter charge? It depends on the model and size of your battery. Also what type of scooter battery charger do you have. Your instruction manual will have the data on how long it will take to charge. 3 - 5 hours is typical for many of today's average electric scooters. Kaabo mantis 8 e-scooter enjoys the extended 25-mile range capabilities from the high-capacity 48V 13Ah lithium-ion battery. Kaabo mantis 8 e-scooter needs 3 hours of charging time.

How often do we need to charge an electric scooter?

 Depends on how far you ride. If you ride your scooter every day, you will probably charge your electric scooter overnight. Don't let the battery level go below 30% as lithium-ion batteries and don't perform as well at this level. You will quickly drop lower and also shorten the battery life span.

Can you overcharge an electric scooter?

Most riders are charging electric scooters overnight for convenience or urgent use in the next morning. While this is a practical thing to do, many riders tend to overcharge their batteries when doing this. As previously mentioned, it’s not provide to overcharge your e-scooter as it can damage the capacity of the battery. The extra charge will cause the plating of metallic lithium, which blocks the flow of ions and electrons, causing it to degrade. Of course, the lithium-ion batteries of today's electric scooters can manage not being completely charged a bit here and there, but try to avoid becoming a habit.

Can we charge an electric scooter at home?

Yes, of course. We can charge the electric scooter at home without issues. There is no special outlet needed for charging your electric scooter. kaabo electric scooters will be delivered with chargers suited for American’s outlet.
If you travel to another country with your electric scooter, consider what sockets they have. Many people put their electric scooters in car’s trunk in order to visit cities quickly and easily.

Can we charge an electric scooter at the office?

Yes, I don’t think your employer will have any problems with this. I do it all the time. A full charge costs less than $1.


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