How to Fix Payment Issues When Checking Out on Kaabo USA

How To Fix Payment Issues When Checking Out On Kaabo USA-pics

Running Into Trouble When Checking Out? 

We've found out that some people are having troubles finishing their checkout on our site, especially when using credit card payment methods. In order to secure your data and process a payment successfully, we have a partnered payment processing system that handles the checkout information.

After you have attempted to check out, but were possibly declined, here are some of the potential error codes you are faced with:

Error 80010 - Transaction Do Not Honor

Error 80011 - Refer to Card Issuer 

Error 80012 - Payment Declined

These are some of the most common errors when checking out. In order to help you get through checkout difficulties, we have prepared this guide to assist you.

Credit Card Information

If you are attempting to pay at checkout with your credit card, there is a small possibility that the card could be denied by our payment process system to defend against potential credit card fraud. To avoid this issue, please consider calling your bank or credit provider ahead of time to let them know about your upcoming purchase. It is best to provide them the relative cost information for easier handling.

Fixing a Persistent Credit Card Payment Issue

If you are experiencing difficulties upon checking out with a credit card, there are three solutions to consider:

1. If you are a registered PayPal user, please attempt check out with your PayPal account.

2. Choose another credit or debit card.

3. If you are not a registered PayPal user, please select the PayPal option at the checkout page and click the complete order button. After this, you will be redirected to a new check out page with access to either PayPal or Credit/Debit card payment options. (Choosing the latter option does not require you to sign up for PayPal).

To use option number 3, please follow this quick visual guide:

Step 1: Choose 'PayPal Express Checkout' (Even if you do not have a PayPal account)

Step 2: Select 'Pay with Credit or Debit  Card


Step 3: Input Your Credit/Debit Card Payment Information


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