How to Make Your Electric Scooter Waterproof?

Purchase a Waterproof Cover

In the parking lot, a strong downpour could damage your mobility car. So take into account buying a waterproof cover. 

It might not look attractive to you, but as long as it serves its purpose, it's fine. Cover the scooter whenever you intend to leave it outside.

If the scooter is still wet, do not fold it

The majority of scooters can be folded. They are portable as a result. However, have you taken note of how most scooters fold? The handlebar is below the stem handlebar when it is folded. Water consequently drips into the throttle and display when you fold a damp scooter.

Additionally, issues arise when water seeps into the sensitive electronics components. Therefore, drying it first before folding is a better option.

After Use, Dry the Scooter

It's a straightforward yet crucial suggestion. Wipe up any wetness with a paper towel or microfiber before putting the scooter away. Using a hairdryer is not a good idea. The blower blows air out. Therefore, instead of evaporating the water, it can push them into additional cracks and crevices.

Lengthen the Fender

A mudguard is essential when biking in the rain or snow. However, it fails in its role when it is incredibly short. So pay attention to the mudguard's length. You don't want to show up to work wearing muddy pants. Think about purchasing a fender extension attachment. You might just need a small increase in the fender length in some circumstances. Duct tape is appropriate in that situation.

Tape Up the Deck

Duct tape is a simple and efficient scooter waterproofing solution. Consider using professional weatherproof tape if you intend to go outside in the rain.
Examine the surroundings surrounding the deck. Use sticky tape to close any gaps where wires are visible, if there are any.
Pick some sticky tape that is the same color as the scooter. A more polished appearance will result from the combination.