How to Maximize The Range of Your Electric Scooter

How To Maximize The Range Of Your Electric Scooter-pics

The range on the Kaabo Mantis 8 is great for daily commuting. The Mantis features a 48V 13AH Ternary lithium-ion 18650 battery that can last up to 25 miles on a single full charge; it takes 3.3 hours with its 54.6V 2A charger. The range of electric scooters is affected by more external factors than any other performance feature. 

If you want to travel as efficiently as you can on your electric scooter, there are some easy ways to maximize the range, to clock as many miles as you can on one full battery. 

Optimum tire pressure

Having tires that are too soft will greatly reduce the range you can achieve because more of their surface will make contact with the ground as they turn, which creates more friction. Ensure that your tires are pressured to the correct PSI, as this will help you to travel as far as you can on one charged battery. We installed vacuum tubeless tires on kaabo Mantis 8. You can see on the tires that the standard tire pressure is AT50PSI (350kpa). When it's hot in the summer, you can lower the pressure a little bit.

Healthy charging practices

The best way to prevent your e-scooter from losing range over time is to ensure you never completely drain the battery. Kaabo mantis 8 installs the high-capacity 48V 13Ah lithium-ion battery. Batteries naturally drain over time - their wear and tear are inevitable.

Li-ion batteries hate extremities from both ends—full charge and full drain. The sweet spot to maintain battery life for a long time is to keep it somewhere in between. Carl Howe, the renowned mobile analyst, gives a nice 80:20 rule to preserve battery health for an extended period: charge it to 80% and then recharge it again when it falls to around 20%. If you drain your battery from 100% down to 0%, likely, it could potentially degrade by up to 70% of its original capacity in just a few hundred cycles. That being said, every time your electric scooter’s battery is fully drained, it loses some of its capacity. If you keep fully draining your battery, it will not last as long as it should. Charging your battery frequently and never letting it go completely flat is the best remedy.

Think of this as a healthy eating habit. It’s better to have smaller portions spread across the day, rather than just starving for hours and then having three meals all at once. Letting your battery drain to zero repetitively puts an unnecessary burden on the materials inside the battery. It could cause mechanical degradation of the cathode or side reactions with the electrode. Similarly, charging your battery to full and keeping it plugged into the charger all day can make the battery corrode faster.

Ensure Breaks Fully Free When Not Applied

When you apply your brakes, they should close firmly around the brake discs on the wheels. When you release them, they should return to their original position, and no longer be in contact with the brake discs. If your brakes don’t release properly, this will cause unnecessary friction for your e-scooter and in turn, reduce the range you will be able to achieve. To make sure that your brakes are set properly, spin your e-scooter’s wheels manually and see if there is friction occurring between the brakes and brake discs. If there is friction, then you may need to adjust the brake settings. The Kaabo Mantis 8 has front and rear mechanical disc brakes. You can check out the link below to see how to adjust the brakes of mantis 8.

Wash Your Electric Scooter

Keeping your e-scooter clean can make a surprising difference to the range it can achieve. Mud and build-up can reduce how aerodynamic your e-scooter is, and also seize up parts which means your e-scooter has unnecessary friction and causes resistance. Find out more about effective cleaning in our other blog, How to Wash Your Electric Scooter.

Reduce the hill climbing

The Kaabo mantis 8 knows its way around slight inclines and gradients of up to 20 degrees but begins to struggle when it's too steep, and the road is unevenly surfaced with gravel or rocks. You will need to stay on dual-motor and turbo mode for better uphill performance. However, what goes up must come down…but we recommend avoiding steep slopes and hills if you want to maximize your range. We provide reference ranges provided by manufacturers based on usage on a completely flat, smooth surface. 

If you’re looking to get the absolute max from your E-scooters‘ range, aim to ride on as flat and smooth a surface as you can. Of course, we can't always be riding on nice smooth, and flat roads. However, if there are two route options of equal distance, and one has hills where the other doesn’t choose the flat one. 


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