Join The Growing Kaabo USA Community!

Join The Growing Kaabo USA Community-pics

A Nation Full of E-Scooter Fans

Kaabo USA has been increasing its community of riders over the last few months. With an ever-increasing network of devoted e-scooter fans across the country, we have introduced a new e-scooter group to have US-based riders share their stories and ask questions. 

Regardless of where you are from and if you own a Kaabo electric scooter or not, we want to make this the leading community for our scooters. 

You can find our official group on Facebook by clicking Here.

Focusing On Community 

In our official Facebook group, you will have access to the best US-based e-scooter communities available. Here, you will find postings from the community and official postings from Kaabo USA. This is a great way to stay caught up with the Kaabo USA team.

You can expect to find the latest videos, photos, articles, and sales that we have going not only on our Facebook page but also shared in our Facebook group.

We want to thank our wonderful community of riders from Los Angeles to New York City, and everywhere else in between.

Success Starts with You!

For our community to grow and improve, we are calling on all e-scooter fans, Kaabo owners or not, to join in on the fun. We are excited to see what all of our riders, friends, and everyone has to say about Kaabo USA. 

Kaabo already has riders around the world sharing their stories, photos, videos, and much more. We want to share this same level of enthusiasm for our technology with our US riders. We want to see what you are capable of achieving and what kind of great adventures your Kaabo e-scooter takes you on.

Additionally, we are excited for our riders to share their photos and videos and we will promote your postings in our growing community with your permission! 

Stay Social With Us!

For some of our latest announcements and to check out some awesome  content, be sure to follow our social pages:

Facebook: KaaboUSA

Instagram: @kaabousa_official

YouTube: Kaabo USA

Share Your Story

Be sure to tag us in your social media postings so we can see what you have to share! If you have the extra time, share your photos and videos in our Facebook Group. We love to see what great things you are capable of with your Kaabo electric scooter or hear about how Kaabo could make a change in your life!


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