Kaabo USA E-Scooters Rated Top 10 of 2019/2020

The Year's Best

One of the top references for e-scooter information and buyer's guides is Electric Scooter Guide (ESG). This site commands a detailed knowledge of all things e-scooters and micromobility.

From choosing the most cost-efficient model to understanding the inner-workings of the electric scooter, ESG has made a review on nearly any topic in this field. Because of this detailed knowledge in the realm of e-scooters, ESG has become one of the stand out leaders in electric scooter knowledge and is a trusted source for information and opinions.

ESG has provided their yearly review of the best e-scooters of the year. On this list, you will find that the three Kaabo USA e-scooter models are featured in the top spots of this list. 

In both 2019 and 2020, ESG has rated Kaabo in the top 10. You can find more results and details on their article.

This list is developed from real reviews from users across the USA and around the world. With many users taking unique utility from their Kaabo e-scooter, this detailed information shows how a wide range of riders appreciate the quality and performance from their Kaabo e-scooter

The Guide to Electric Scooters

ESG has provided a wide range of detailed data in determining how this ranking is settled. From customer reviews to direct experience with the e-scooter, each model is given a fair evaluation. 

In a market where more and more e-scooter companies are forming, it is crucial to understand how quality plays a role in deciding what e-scooter is best for you. 

The Electric Scooter Guide has more background knowledge in this industry compared to general tech review sites such as Wirecutter or CNET. These other platforms may have some baseline knowledge and focus more on the direct cost/return of each product. 

Kaabo USA's Unique Stance

As seen in the chart above, Kaabo holds a commanding spot for some of the best electric scooters on the market. There are a wide range of reasons for this, but we broke down some of the details that makes Kaabo an industry leader:

  • Premium performance and capability at competitive pricing┬á
  • Unique and original designs
  • Detailed services and connection with Kaabo factory┬á
  • Extended warranty┬á
  • Free shipping┬á
  • 24/7 customer support

Originality Versus Copy

In the rising market of electric scooters, there are many companies that take other company's designs and put a different logo on it. Meaning that there are many scooters of the exact same quality and features, with the only difference of the name.

This is something that Kaabo stands strongly against, making it our priority to keep the Kaabo quality and design within our brand. 

Kaabo USA In Stock Versus Pre-Order

Other companies might carry no stock within the United States or have extremely long order waiting periods. Kaabo USA proudly serves all US-based customers with precision and swiftness, ensuring that every order is delivered in a timely manner from our stocked logistics facility in California. 

Offering Choices 

Other e-scooter companies might just focus on one model or design that they claim is the answer-all of e-scooters. However, at Kaabo USA, we know that each person has different needs and uses for their scooter. Because of this, we stock three different models, each designed to offer unique functionality to the rider.

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