Kaabo USA Electric Scooter: Start a Revolutionary Ride for Americans

Kaabo USA Electric Scooter: Start a Revolutionary Ride for Americans-pics

The distinctions between the electric scooter launched in America can now be seen and highlighted by comparing their characteristics and capabilities. The two-wheel folding e-scooters you will find today is the iconic Kaabo USA Mantis 8.

Overview of Kaabo USA Mantis 8

The Mantis 8 electric scooter has been pursued by numerous young Americas with its dual-motor performance and convenient commuting pros. Upholding the principle of portability and fast commute, the Mantis 8 plays an indispensable role in daily commuters. 

Components       Specifications

Motor                     500W*2 (2200W Peak)

Battery                   48 V 13Ah

Max Range            25 miles

Max Speed            25 mph

Climbing Angle      20 degrees

Tire                        8” tubeless road tires

Self-weight            53 lbs

Frame Material      T6082 aviation grade aluminum forged from one piece

Charging Time      approx 3.3 hrs  

Top speed, dual-motor& climbing angle

The fact that many electric scooters are either heavy or not fast to commute troubles plenty of commuters. The speed of most e-scooters in the market is between 15 mph and 20 mph. However, after over 200 testings by technical teams, the maximum speed of Mantis 8 can reach to at least 25 mph, which improves your commuting efficiency. Boasted with 500 W dual-motor, the Mantis 8 can conquer all rough terrains and high slopes. Based on smoothly accelerating the trigger throttle, 20 degrees’ slope can be climbed through as light as a flying swallow with the peak of 2200W motor. Moreover, the speed of Mantis 8 can never be influenced by the environment, temperature and weather. 

Range and Battery

A great journey experience comes form a high-quality long-range e-scooter investment. The Mantis 8 features a 48V 13 AH Ternary lithium-ion 18650 battery that can last up to 25 miles by fully charging for merely 3.3 hours with its 54.6 V 2A charger. Its battery capacity can satisfy your long-distance routes dream and eliminate the fear of running out of power. Then, how to maximize your e-scooter’s battery life? Make sure to charge when 20% of electricity is left. Besides, long-distance and uneven speed may also cut battery’s life. Nevertheless, the Mantis 8 has a battery management system (BMS) to safeguard the battery.

Material & Braking

Electronic brakes systems are not as powerful as electronic and mechanical systems. With a combined system, Kaabo Mantis 8 makes your every brake extremely reliable. Using a 120mm dual hydraulic disc brake, T6082 Aviation Grade Aluminum material, the mantis 8 provides riders safe and instant stop. At the same time, the Mantis 8 provides an impressive braking distance up to 3.2 meters, which keeps your safety as much as possible. Another point should be mentioned is that both the brake and the scooter itself are made by one piece aviation grade aluminum material, which provides an extraordinary performance for riders, such as lighter, cool better in any conditions, easier to maintain and adjust and water-shedding.


Solid tires used by many e-scooters is less stable and more slippery. Based on numerous experiments, Kaabo USA chose the 8 inches extra-wide tread tubeless tires so as to provide you less shaking, and better suspension. Exceed at solid one, tubeless tire can cushion the rider from excessive impact when driving over uneven terrain. Moreover, tubeless tire is better traction and less slip without sliding thanks to e-scooter’s quick brake system. And its excellent off-road performance also excels the solid tires. If you are a rough terrain riding fan, tubeless tires is your best choice.

Weight & Foldable

As a versatile e-scooter, the Mantis 8 can be folded and unfolded easily. Featured in flexible, portable and 53 lbs, it can be carried and stored almost anywhere. It is also practical to take it with you in the metro, bus, or upstairs in the elevators. Besides, the onboard EABS system and the side LED lights graces the Mantis 8’s appearance and makes your nighttime commute safer.


Because of its cutting-edge scooter characteristics, the Kaabo USA Mantis 8 has become a groundbreaking vehicle for Americans. Customers are really reassured with the 18-month warranty after making a purchase. The Kaabo USA Mantis 8 Dual Motor Electric Scooter is a great nice and economical solution if you're seeking for daily mobility equipment.


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