Kaabo USA Official Video Reviews Are Live

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The Kaabo USA team in Los Angeles has finished filming our first set of official video content to share with riders across the country.

They have taken a deeper dive into the Mantis 8 and Mantis 10 from Kaabo USA to show off what really makes these e-scooters special. Is it the amazing dual motor power? Or, is it the everyday riding capabilities that make the Mantis line so unique.

It it up to you to decide what makes the Mantis 8 or 10 so special and useful in everyday life. The Mantis line is truly the urban explorer and the commuter's best friend.

From LA to New York, we have e-scooter riders out repping Kaabo USA. We appreciate the growing community of riders across the country and look forward to growing more and more in the coming months.

These videos are the first wave of exciting developments for Kaabo USA in 2021 and we hope that you stick around to see what else we have in store for the rest of the year.

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