Kaabo Wolf Warrior 11 Wins E-Scooter Awards for 2020

Kaabo Claims 2020 E-Scooter Awards

Thanks to the hard work and expertise of Electric Scooter Guide, Kaabo has been given two outstanding awards for 2020. Out of all electric scooters on sale in the United States this past year, the Kaabo USA Wolf Warrior 11 has taken claim of two industry-leading awards.

The Best Dual Motor E-Scooter

Wolf Warrior Best Dual Motor E-scooter


With its dual 1200-watt motors, the Wolf Warrior 11 is capable of outstanding performance and feats.

With the Wolf Warrior's dual motors, riders can expect: 

  • A top speed of 50 miles per hour
  • A max range of 93 miles on a full charge

The dual motors provide extra power and control when riding on multiple types of terrain. This is the e-scooter that is necessary for all-terrain riding, with capability that goes unrivaled in the industry. 

Baddest on The Planet

Wolf Warrior Badass Award

The award that really speaks to the Wolf Warrior is the 'Baddest on The Planet' award. This defines the Wolf Warrior as the most badass scooter available. 

Apart from the Wolf Warrior's dual motor capabilities, the design, durability, and overall functionality contribute to its badass features. The appearance alone is striking and signifies a uniqueness in a market filled with e-scooters sutiable for only street riding.

The beastly all-terrain performance of the Wolf Warrior 11 is backed up by this amazing award.

Find Out More

If you are interested in learning about these two major e-scooter awards for 2020, feel free to check out ESG's awards video here:


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