Riding an e-scooter makes your brain more brilliant!

Riding an e-scooter makes your brain more brilliant-pics

When a portion of people notice this title, they will be amazed that why you connected brain development to riding an e-scooter? Are you frantic about the e-scooter business? No! It’s has been scientifically proven already. 

Sense of balance

It’s the crucial factor in this doctrine. Riding an e-scooter in the commute could practice people’s sense of balance, which means that the region that handles this ability in the brain will have more opportunities to be used. In this case, this area in the mind will be more and more sensitive and stronger, which will enhance people’s keeping balance ability in some sports. Sense of balance is a part of intelligence, which has been substantiated by scientists. If you ride an e-scooter for more than 30 minutes every day, the other areas in your brain will also be more efficient and activated. Briefly, your intelligent qualification will be promoted effectively. Compare with driving a car in the exact space, which even leads you to be sleepy. The benefit of riding an e-scooter is unique. It could not only solve the commute problems but also offer you a period to do some wholesome exercises. 

The air activates people’s mind

For instance, when people are beside a car, they may feel sleepy and think over the drudgery in the last half-day. Conversely, if you could ride an e-scooter for your work, the desire for sleep will be kept away from you, which revives your inspiration for the morning. Science has proved that outside exercises with high speed like riding bikes and scooters or running will promote the release of dopamine that is combined with people’s emotions. Generally speaking, the more dopamine is released in your body, the more sense of joy you can get.

Limb coordination

Riding an e-scooter is similar to riding a traditional scooter, it’s necessary for people’s limb coordination. The strength of the body, arms, and legs are all crucial to control the e-scooter. The coordination includes the pace between two feet, the angle of your body, and even the ways of hanging on the bar when riding downstairs. One par of people’s intelligence quality is the quality of the sport. Limb coordination is a fraction in that part, just like the sense of balance. If this area in your brain could be activated as much as possible, when you meet a brand new type of exercise next time, you could be familiar with those fresh sports immediately.

Mental health

According to surveys, people who have a habit of walking or riding outside will decrease 20% risk of catching mental diseases like depression. In this case, it’s reasonable to claim that riding an e-scooter for work plays a positive effect not only on one physical health but also on mentality. It is easy to find many reviews on the internet, when you ask someone their feelings about riding an e-scooter on the weekday morning, most of them would say “I’m so cool, even the Porsche driver envies me because of his long time stare”. Meanwhile, a survey shows more than 95% of e-scooter owners will have a dynamic spirit when they arrive at the corporate building and prepare to work due to their desirable journey.

Having displayed lots of benefits that ride an e-scooter could obtain. Just pick your preferred color Mantis 8 right now. Don’t hesitate about whether you should start this new trip. The electric scooter is a key trend in the future, you could spend 30 minutes commuting every day, which is beneficial to people’s health as well.

New year is coming! Get one Mantis 8 that can bring you joy. Happy new year, everyone!

         -- Kaabo USA Team


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