Scooter Showdown: Wolf Warrior X Plus vs. Wolf Warrior 11 Pro+



When it comes to high-performance electric scooters, the Wolf Warrior series from Kaabousa is hard to beat. In this blog post, we'll compare two formidable models from this series: the Wolf Warrior X Plus and the Wolf Warrior 11 Pro+. These scooters pack impressive power, range, and features, making them top choices for riders seeking the ultimate electric scooter experience.




  1. Wolf Warrior X Plus

Range: 40+ miles

Max Power Output: 3500W

Max Speed: 44 mph

Battery Capacity: 60V 21AH

Climbing Angle: 35 degrees


  1. Wolf Warrior 11 Pro+

Range: 93 miles

Max Power Output: 5400W

Max Speed: 50 mph

Battery Capacity: 60V 35AH

Climbing Angle: 45 degrees

Now, let's dive deeper into their features and see how they stack up against each other.


Power and Speed


The Wolf Warrior 11 Pro+ takes the lead in terms of power and speed. With a staggering 5400W max power output and a top speed of 50 mph, it's a true speed demon. In contrast, the Wolf Warrior X Plus offers a still impressive 3500W and a max speed of 44 mph, which is no slouch by any means. If you're looking for an electrifying experience, the 11 Pro+ is the clear winner.




For those who prioritize long rides without worrying about recharging, the Wolf Warrior 11 Pro+ comes out on top with its 93-mile range. The X Plus, with a range of 40+ miles, is ideal for daily commutes and shorter excursions but falls short in long-distance capabilities. The 11 Pro+ is the go-to option for riders seeking endurance.


Battery Capacity


Both scooters come with 60V batteries, but the 11 Pro+ offers a larger 35AH battery compared to the X Plus' 21AH. This larger capacity contributes to the 11 Pro+'s extended range and more prolonged riding experiences.


Climbing Ability


With a 45-degree climbing angle, the Wolf Warrior 11 Pro+ conquers steeper inclines with ease, making it a great choice for off-road adventures. The X Plus is no slouch either, with a 35-degree climbing angle, suitable for most urban terrain and moderate off-roading.


Features and Accessories


The Wolf Warrior is not just about power and speed; they both offer a range of convenient features, including ultra-bright dual LED headlights, turn signals, hazard lights, app-controlled deck lights, tactile control buttons, an ergonomic finger throttle, and even a compact size that fits in most sedan trunks. Additionally, the Wolf Warrior boasts a cast aluminum side stand, a motorcycle-grade horn, and a rear handle for easy lifting, making it a versatile and user-friendly option.




In this head-to-head comparison, both the Wolf Warrior X Plus and the Wolf Warrior 11 Pro+ have their own strengths. The X Plus is a more compact and commuter-friendly option, while the 11 Pro+ is the ultimate choice for those who demand power, speed, and range for long rides and off-road adventures. Your decision ultimately depends on your specific needs and riding style, but one thing is certain: both of these scooters exemplify the quality and performance that Kaabousa's Wolf Warrior series is known for.


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