The Ultimate Guide to Buying the right electric scooter

Electric scooters have gained tremendous popularity as an eco-friendly and efficient means of personal transportation in the past 5 years. However, this is not the Razor scooter from your childhood. It’s the real deal. With a plethora of options available, choosing the right electric scooter can be a daunting task. To help you make an informed decision, we present "The Ultimate Guide to Buying the Right Electric Scooter". This comprehensive guide will provide you with valuable insights and considerations to ensure you choose the perfect electric scooter for your lifestyle.


Let’s walk you through the essential factors to consider when buying an electric scooter:

Determine Your Needs

Before diving into the world of electric scooters, it’s crucial to identify your specific requirements. Consider your intended usage, such as daily commuting, recreational rides, or off-road adventures. Determine factors like speed, range, terrain compatibility, and portability, which will influence your decision. By understanding your needs, you can narrow down your options and review more detailed considerations. 

Consider Motor Power

The motor is the heart of an electric scooter, determining its speed and climbing capabilities. Assess the motor power, usually measured in watts (W), and ensure it matches your requirements. Scooters with higher motor power provide better acceleration, hill-climbing ability, and overall performance. Aim for at least a 300W motor, with 500W being preferable for more demanding terrains. Or for a better off-road vehicle, the Kaabo Wolf Warrior 11 which equipped with dual 1200W motors power is definitely the one to consider. Opt for a scooter that offers adequate power to handle your regular commuting routes. 

Battery Capacity and Range

Battery capacity directly impacts the range an electric scooter can cover on a single charge. Consider scooters with larger battery capacities for longer rides. Pay attention to the estimated range provided by the manufacturer, ensuring it meets your commuting needs. Also, keep in mind that factors like rider weight, speed, terrain, and weather conditions can affect the scooter's range.

Portability and Foldability

If carrying or storing your electric scooter easily is a priority, portability and foldability become essential features to consider. Check if the scooter is lightweight and compact enough for easy transportation or storage. Look for a scooter with a folding mechanism that is quick, secure, and doesn't compromise structural integrity when unfolding. 

Braking System

Safety should be a top priority when choosing an electric scooter, and reliable brakes are crucial for any electric scooter. Look for scooters equipped with dual brakes, typically one electric brake and one physical brake (one on the front wheel and one on the back), to offer better control and stopping power. Disc or drum brakes are preferable as they provide better stopping power and require less maintenance. 

Tire Size and Type

Consider the tire size and type that will suit your needs. Larger wheels, such as Kaabo Mantis 10 Lite equipes with 10-inch tires, offer better stability and performance on uneven terrains, while smaller wheels, such as Kaabo Mantis 8 Dual Motor equipes with 8 inches, are more suitable for urban environments. Pneumatic (air-filled) tires provide a smoother ride, while solid tires are maintenance-free. 


Suspension on an electric scooter serves a similar purpose as it does in a car, providing a smoother ride by absorbing bumps and shocks from the ground. When contemplating your riding preferences, particularly if you plan to venture off-road or encounter rough terrain, considering suspension becomes crucial when selecting an electric scooter.

Operating without suspension can result in uncomfortable handlebar vibrations, especially during longer rides, which can diminish the overall enjoyment. Opting for an e-scooter with large, air-filled tires but no suspension will still offer a smoother ride compared to a model with solid tires and suspension.

For those seeking an electric scooter capable of handling rough terrains effortlessly, investing in a scooter with quality suspension becomes highly advisable. Suspension systems can be present on either the front, rear, or both wheels, contributing to improved ride comfort and stability in challenging conditions. 

Water Resistance

A little-known fact is that most electric scooters are not waterproof. But there are a few waterproof models available in the market. When selecting a scooter, prioritize those with a high waterproof rating, usually indicated by an 'IP' rating on a scale of 0 to 8. For residents in rainy regions, it is advisable to choose scooters with a minimum IP5 rating.

Maximum Load

Consider the weight capacity when choosing an electric scooter, as not all scooters can handle the same load. USA e-scooters typically have a maximum load of 220 to 265 Ibs. While some individuals weighing over the maximum load still ride these scooters daily, it's important to note that doing so can void the warranty and pose potential dangers.

Using an e-scooter that isn't suitable for your weight will likely compromise both performance and safety. Riding such a scooter may prevent you from reaching the claimed top speeds and make it more difficult to tackle hills.

Additional Features

Explore additional features that enhance your riding experience. These may include built-in lights for visibility during night rides, suspension systems for improved comfort and smartphone connectivity for tracking or controlling scooter functions.

Budget and Value for Money

Set a budget that aligns with your expectations and requirements. Consider the overall value for money offered by the scooter, taking into account its features, build quality, brand reputation, and customer reviews. Don't compromise on safety or essential features to save a few bucks.

Recommended Accessories:

  1. Helmet: Ensure your safety by wearing a helmet designed for electric scooter riders. It provides protection in case of accidents or falls.
  2. Lock: Keep your e-scooter secure when parked by using a reliable lock. Look for portable and sturdy options that are difficult to tamper with.
  3. Phone holder: Opt for a phone holder that attaches to your e-scooter's handlebars. It allows you to keep your phone visible for navigation or other purposes, keeping your hands free while riding.
  4. Puncture protection fluid: If your e-scooter has air-filled tires, consider using puncture protection fluid. It helps prevent punctures and extends the lifespan of your tires.
  5. Lights: Enhance your visibility and safety, especially during nighttime rides, by adding extra lights to your e-scooter. Look for lights that are easy to install and provide sufficient brightness.
  6. Reflective gear: Increase your visibility to other road users by wearing reflective clothing or accessories. This is especially important when riding in low-light conditions.
  7. Storage bag or basket: If you often carry items during your rides, a storage bag or basket can be useful. It allows you to conveniently transport your belongings while keeping your hands free.
  8. Kickstand: Consider adding a kickstand to your e-scooter for easy parking and stability when not in use.

Now you are all good to go!

By following this ultimate guide, you are now equipped with the knowledge to make an informed decision when purchasing an electric scooter. Remember to consider your specific needs, battery life and range, motor power, braking system, tire size and suspension, portability, and additional features. With the right electric scooter by your side, you'll enjoy a smooth and enjoyable ride while contributing to a greener future. Happy scooting!

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