What kind of LED Display would make you feel like a blind?

Whats special about the display of Mantis 8?

Mantis 8 is fitted with a QS-S4 LCD throttle, as we discussed in our previous blog post on P-setting. The QS-S4 throttle that comes with the Mantis 8 has been altered by us.

We made the QS-S4 LCD display Back-lit (color) acrylic-covered to guarantee your safety and comfort while riding. Do not undervalue this minor adjustment; in bright sunlight, a normal LCD display can be quite difficult to see because the screen itself does not emit light. In direct sunlight, the screen is completely black.

It is important to note that the Mantis 8's LCD screen is color backlit, which makes it more visible than a standard backlight and allows for easy viewing and use even in bright sunshine.

The QS-S4 is often not interchangeable with these models, but we use our unique mode to make the conventional QS-S4 more practical and equip it with a more adaptable P-setting mechanism. With this specialized QS-S4 throttle, you can also select between dual motor, single motor, and eco mode to experience varied speed and satisfy different needs.


Why dont we choose the large screen?

Everyone enjoys large screens, but I'd like to point out that they are less suited for electric scooters than larger LCD displays.

It will be risky if you spend too much time controlling your throttle and keeping an eye on your display because when riding an electric scooter, your hands must be gripped tightly to the handlebars to keep you balanced.

To make it simple to switch between modes while riding and quickly check important details like speed and mode batteries, we chose a smaller display with more streamlined functionality.


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