What kind of LED Display would make you feel like a blind?

Whats special about the display of Mantis 8?


As we mentioned in last blog about P-setting, Mantis 8 is equipped with QS-S4 LCD throttle.We have customized the QS-S4 throttle that comes with the Mantis 8.

To ensure your safe and comfortable ride, we have made the QS-S4 LCD display Back-lit (color) acrylic-covered. Do not underestimate this small change, when the sunlight is strong, it can be very hard to see the Normal LCD Display because LCD screen itself does not emit light, in the sunlight, you can see nothing on a normal LCD display.

It is worth mentioning that the LCD display of the Mantis 8 is color back-lit, it is more visible than the normal backlight, even in very harsh sunlight, you can still see and operate on the screen easily.

In most cases the QS-S4 is not interchangeable with these models, but we apply our different mode to the traditional QS-S4 to make it more convenient and equipped it with a more flexible P-setting system. Also, you can switch between dual motor/single motor/e-co mode to experience different speed and meet different needs with this customized QS-S4 throttle.


Why we dont choose the large screen?

Of course, everyone likes a big screen, but I'd like to say that a big LCD display isn't as suitable for electric scooters.

Because in the process of riding an electric scooter, your hands have to grip the handlebars most of the time to maintain balance, it will be dangerous if you focus too much on manipulating your throttle and watching your display.

Therefore, we chose a smaller display with more streamlined features to ensure you can easily switch between modes while riding and check the check key information such as speed, mode battery with a glance.