What makes Mantis 8 perform so well on everyday use?

What Makes Mantis 8 Perform So Well On Everyday Use?-pics

Kaabo fans come from more than a dozen countries. What makes Kaabo successful? Apart from the cool appearance and high quality. The excellent performance is the most important factor that makes Kaabo products become the customers' favorite. 


Conventional escooters, even if you accelerate at full speed, can only reach speeds of up to a dozen kilometers per hour, but our Super Mantis 8 is the pioneer of electric scooters.

The maximum speed of Kaabo Mantis 8 can be reached at 25 Mph. That’s an amazing speed for this range of escooters. This number actually comes from Kaabo USA technical teams extensive testing which includes more than 200 experiments. At different temperature environments, Mantis 8 performs with different maximum speeds. We finally we took an average value and it can maintain at least the top speed of 25 mph. Sometimes, Mantis 8’s speed could reach 27 or 28 mph. 

Wow! That data tells us that riding will be easy and swift for almost all use cases. How’s that? We believe you will enjoy the wind blowing in your ears while you cruise with your Mantis 8.

Acceleration Control

The secret of acceleration is the controller and Mantis 8 uses the Sine wave controller. Other type of Controllers is called the Square wave controller. Lets take a look of the differences between the two controller types.

Sine wave vs Square wave Drag Race Test - YouTube

  • Sine Wave Controller

Sine wave delivers the power more smoothly to the motor meaning that it accelerates in even speed all the way. Just like nudging a ball downhill and just letting it roll.

  • Low Noise, Less heat generation and thus wasted energy.
  • Smooth and fine speed control - Easier to ride the scooter.
  • Efficiency: Especially when riding up hills.
  • Smooth and even acceleration


  • More expensive as the controller must be tuned for the paired  motor.
  • Top speed a bit less than with Square wave as the smoothness doesn’t allow as high discharge speed.
  • Square Wave Controller

Square wave delivers the power more in nudged and pushy way. The Power delivery wave is jagged and doesn’t transform the power to the motor smoothly. Resulting in uneven performance delivery and acceleration


  • Cheaper as it is easier to manufacture and doesn’t need to be paired with the motor.
  • Has a more punch in the beginning of acceleration.
  • Higher top speed.


  • Low efficiency - more noise and energy lost to heat.
  • Doesn’t have a smooth acceleration. Punches in the beginning and accelerates unevenly until reaches top speed.
  • Higher top speed because it lets you max out the discharge speed from the battery. This can result in overheating.

In a drag race these controllers would behave in a way that the Square would punch to head in the beginning and then lose in halfway to the Sine one as Square would start to underperform. If the race would continue long enough to ride in top speed for extended period Square would eventually catch up and overtake

In real life use you want the acceleration to be smooth especially when riding in the traffic. Sine lets you control the acceleration and normally you need to stop to lights quite often. The punch of Square wave would also drain your battery much faster meaning much less range especially if you are able to get to top speed.

Shock absorbers

When driving over a speed pump or some paved streets. You know you are riding a bargain scooter if your brain feels like it’s getting drilled with a jack hammer. That really shows the importance of a shock absorbers. 

Kaabo Jump - YouTube

With Mantis 8 the shock absorption can make your ride feel really comfortable. That’s because it’s fitted with off-road capable shock absorption - thus making riding in a city a breeze.

Charging speed

Team Kaabo USA has ridden all kinds of escooters and tested many electric motors over the years. This means that we have been spending a lot of time charging different configurations and have noticed that the common charge time for many escooters can be even more than 6 hours. Well, nobody wants to spend all day charging instead of riding - that’s why our batteries support the most advanced charging systems available today. You can charge it with 2A+4A AC power and a full charge takes only 3.5 hours. So save up this time and use it to hangout or ride with your friends.

Max range

Thanks to the Sine Wave controller paired with our brushless motor the power consumption and efficiency ratio of the Mantis is top of it’s class. To max out the range of the scooter we also tuned up other factors such weight, battery lifetime and other components of the escooter. To make sure that you have a well performing and lasting battery we attached the Mantis 8 with 13Ah battery that delivers a max range of 24.8 miles which should cover most users daily needs - and hey, if it doesn’t the fast charging lets you to top up the juice at the office too.

Checkout the Mantis 8 Product page for more details and get yours now!


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