What you should do after unboxing(for Mantis 8)?

Electric scooters have become a symbol of modern urban transport; they’re a common sight in big cities such as Paris, Madrid, and San Francisco. The trend looks set to move in only one direction - upwards! While most of us think this recent boom in their popularity is excellent and just, there are still many others who remain unconvinced. Electric scooters are growing in popularity daily, with some manufacturers topping sales charts in most countries.


Similarly, the rich advantages of Mantis 8 let it become more competitive in the e-scooter market. More potential customers are attracted by the various features of Mantis 8. So, we think it’s of much necessary to provide some guidance for our “gods” when unboxing and after unboxing. Let’s start!



There is almost no assembly required. The only thing you have to do is installing the handlebars with the 4 bolts up top and you have to clamp it down here at the stem where it folds. So thats really easy to assembly. said a YouTuber who was focused on the e-scooter review after receiving Kaabo Mantis 8.

Yech! The whole operation is just so simple like this online celebrity described. The e-scooter sets up really quickly with just the handlebars needing to be installed in the classic mantis top-loading handlebar clamp.


Battery & Charger Maintenance

  • Use the original charger: Each electric scooter in the market is generally matched with a unique charger. If you keep using our original charger, it will greatly avoid the situation that harms your electric scooter by the unsuitable charger. At the same time, chargers generally become less useful after several years of use. If your charger is mismatched or there are any other problems, it could lead to the incomplete charging of the electric scooter battery. These situations will extremely affect battery life and even increase the risk of riding danger. Once you find these problems when charging, please contact us by email! We will help you contact the suppliers to purchase the charger. Your safety is the most important point.
  • Charging regularly: For the lithium batteries that Mantis 8 use, the perfect charging mode is when the electric scooter has about 25% power left, it can be charged to about 80-90% full. In fact, nobody can do that each time. But you can really do something to avoid battery degradation. Remember that even if it is not used for a long time, maybe several months, please charge the electric scooter at least once one month! It will play a core role in maintaining the life cycle of our Mantis 8. Good products also need good maintenance.
  • Avoid extreme weather (e.g. exposure to the sun): Although Mantis 8 can be applied in driving in some extreme weather, it doesn’t mean too much exposure to these weather will have no effect on the Mantis 8. Hence, you need to store the electric scooter in a well-ventilated area with the proper temperature. Hope that Mantis 8 can accompany you for a long time.


Mantis 8 P-settings Instruction

  • Driving Mode Selection: Located underneath the main display on the right side of the handlebar you can find two switches to configure driving modes: The ECO/TURBO switch regulates the power of your scooter. By pressing down the button, ECO mode is activated which will reduce torque and top speed to maximize range. When the button is not pressed, TURBO mode is activated and there is no restriction of power. The SINGLE/DUAL switch toggles single or dual-motor drive. By pressing down the button DUAL motor drive is activated. When the button is not pressed, the SINGLE (rear) motor drive is activated. For Maximum range, select ECO mode and SINGLE motor drive. For maximum power and speed, select TURBO mode and DUAL motor drive.

              Mode Selection Button

  • How to Access P-Settings    

    QS-S4 Throttle:

    Step 1: Power on the Electric Scooter. 

    Step 2: Hold the both "Mode[5]" and "Power[3]" buttons simultaneously for 2 seconds

    Step 3: Use "Mode[5]" and "Power[3]" buttons to change the value(up and down), and type in 1500.

    Step 4: Hold the “Power[3]” button for 2 seconds, then P-Settings Menu will open, cycle through the options with the "Mode[5]" button

    Step 5: To adjust values, use the circular dot multifunction button.

    - QS-S4 P-Settings List



    Motor Maintenance

    Electric Motors need maintenance regularly in order to avoid failure and prolong their lifespan. Generally, motors and motor parts should be maintained and tested at least every 6 months. Then only it is possible to maintain a motor’s life and efficiency. We are going to deal with three kinds of maintenance: 

    •  Preventive Maintenance: Preventive maintenance is electric motor maintenance that is done on a regular basis and can help prevent motors to fail and thus, prevent unexpected production stops. Some of the most important elements included in preventive maintenance are Motor ventilation, Humidity and condensation, Loose connections, Voltage and current imbalance, Undervoltage and overvoltage, Bearings, Lubrication Intervals.
    • Predictive Maintenance: The objective of predictive maintenance of electric motor maintenance is to reduce maintenance costs by detecting problems at an early stage and deal with them. Observations of motor temperature, vibrations, etc. are only a few examples of data that can help predict when the motor needs to be repaired or replaced. Following are some of the tests that provide the necessary data about the state of the motor: Bearing considerations, Insulation considerations, and Ground insulation test.
    •  Reactive Maintenance: When motors fail, it is important to examine the motor and find out where in the motor it happened and why it happened. Normally, good preventive maintenance can prevent failure. If the failure is caused by a weak component or inadequate maintenance, then all similar equipment has to be examined in order to prevent the same failure from occurring elsewhere in the motor or in the entire system.


    Take care of your Mantis 8!

    The mission of Kaabo Mantis 8 is to provide more convenience and fun when commuting and taking breaks. In conclusion, please take good care of it, we hope that Mantis 8 can accompany you for more time.


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