Why do people give up their cars?

The government proclaims that people should reduce the use of cars, which is a platitude a few years ago. However, it comes true. Right now Most people obey the government and seldom use their car only once a week. Why people along this way? Generally, the reasons are diverse, I will display some causes of this situation and make some predictions in the future. 

Parking issue

Yeah, there are innumerable parking lots in the city. But people are incredibly tired of parking time restrictions. “2 hrs parking” “no overnight parking” and so on. If you want to avoid those complex parking problems, you’d spend a lot of money on “flat rate” or “valet parking”. You also need to par some tips. Most people hate those complex parking issues about the car, they prefer to place the car in the community, unless they have to drive it for some fay areas.

Traffic accident

Although most people have their own insurances, they still insist that disposing of a traffic accident is trouble, which is dull. Especially, drivers are more likely to conflict with each other and even contradict with polices, which has a bad effect on society atmosphere. “If I give up driving my car today, I could reduce the risk of catching a traffic accident.” Many people have this type of concept in their minds.


Some reckless drivers always break the traffic rules and are fine. Sometimes, the forfeits are costly, which may be higher than petrol fees per month. That’s an unfortunate experience and influence people’s emotion. As a result, a portion of drivers gives up driving to avoid costly forfeits.


The most reason for people to give up their cars is substituted. Including an electric bike and an electronic scooter. A fraction of people finds it easy to ride an e-scooter for commuting. Firstly, they would prevent themselves from a complex and dangerous traffic accident and jams, which allows them to do away with being late. Secondly, they wouldn’t pay for parking fees and petrol consumption, which saves a large amount of money for their leisure entertainment. Research has shown that if you spend $1000 on an e-scooter, you could earn it back without driving a car for 2 months or taking the subway for 6 months. That’s amazing data because you own not only a personal swift vehicle but also a way to save money on commuting. Moreover, many people assert that they will never be late after starting to ride an e-scooter for work every morning. All in all, if your workplace is 5 kilometers from your home, I strongly recommend you to ride a Mantis 8 (Kaabo electronic scooter) for commuting.

Environmental protection

It’s beyond doubt that cutting the frequency of used cars has a positive effect on environmental problems. It’s evidently reasonable that refusing to use cars on a weekday would reduce the release of polluted gases, which is beneficial to protecting the environment. Meanwhile, the decrease in the number of cars on road will cut the consumption of fossil and fuels, which is an effective way to save resources on the earth. Similarly, this behavior could preserve wild animals’ homes as well. People’s activity like driving has released tons of sulfur dioxide and carbon dioxide annually, which is the cause of the greenhouse effect. In this case, billions of wild animals’ homes have been devastated, such as polar bears. However, people start to be aware of the importance of protecting wild animals’ habitats, which is beneficial to protect fauna diversity. Just make a plan to use your car once a week and start to ride an e-scooter on road for commuting.

People do what the government advocated because they are aware of the benefits to themselves rather than the only satisfying government. I sponsor driving people to purchase a brand new Mantis 8 at the beginning of the new year to start new commuting life. I assure you that this choice would take you on an amazing journey.

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