Why Do You Need A Dual-motor Electric Scooter?

What is a dual-motor electric scooter?

A scooter which is equipped with two motors, one in the front wheel and the other in the back, is known as a dual-motor scooter. Compared to a single-motor scooter, this design has a number of benefits. Since each motor can be operated separately, it offers additional power, which is great for tackling hills or hauling passengers. It also makes for a smoother ride. 

Additionally, it increases safety since if one motor malfunctions, the other may still supply power. Whether you're searching for a strong ride or improved safety features, a dual-motor scooter can be the best option.

The advantages of dual-motor electric scooters

  • The ride is smoother and more stable thanks to the dual motors' increased power and torque.
  •  In addition, dual motors improve traction on slick or uneven ground.
  • Since each engine only needs to work half as hard as a single motor scooter, having two motors can increase the range of the scooter.
  • Two motors In comparison to scooters with a single motor, electric scooters use less energy.
  • Dual motor electric scooters only have a more laid-back appearance than standard scooters.
Today, we're introducing you one of the best dual-motor electric scooters on the planet (Reviewed by the Electric Scooter Guide)- Kaabo Wolf Warrior 11


The wolf warrior 11 pro+ is designed with a 60V-35AH superior large battery from LG/Samsung. Once fully charged, it can go as far as 93 miles. This long endurance of the battery makes the wolf warrior 11 pro+ one of the most ideal options for middle-distance commuting or traveling. Compared with driving cars, riding an electric scooter costs almost none. Most importantly, there will be no more traffic. 


Built with two brushless motors (1200W each) and all-terrain spring suspension, the wolf warrior 11 pro+ is meant to replicate the commanding riding experience of a utility vehicle. These powerful motors ensure fast acceleration and a top speed of 50 miles per hour. Most amazingly, it can climb 45-degree sloping roads.

Get it now with $180 off. https://www.kaabousa.com/


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