Why Kaabo Mantis 8 is the right choice for most people?

There are millions of customers choosing to buy Kaabo Mantis 8 and become Kaabo fans. Why do we insist that Mantis 8 will meet the majority of people’s needs? When people decide to buy personal transportation. What are the most important factors that they consider? They will consider the appearance, performance, quality, and price. No matter what kind of product, most people will think about these conditions.  

Appearance: Cool as Ice.

I always see comments from Kaabo fans: “I love Mantis 8 because it looks premium”.

I can’t agree more, it takes a lot of time to assemble the frame at the factory. The process of producing Mantis 8 is really complex, there are many other scooters that have a cool appearance too, but the premium feeling of mantises is hard to imitate.

Although the production process is complex, the scooters’ body is a simple style that makes people feel free and light. We always use simple designs to build advanced products. Furthermore, the built-in LED lights on both sides of the board are inspired by spaceships in science fiction where the star cruisers always have cool lights on the side making it one of the most stylish scooters in the city.

Performance: Fast and comfortable.

When it comes to the actual riding experience, the speed and the smoothness are what’s most important. The max speed of Mantis 8 is 25 mph. Apart from the great max speed Mantis 8 also has an excellent acceleration system and brake system. Hundreds of tests have proofed that Kaabo has the fastest acceleration time and shortest brake distance among the around $1000 scooter range.  Mantis 8 also has one of the stablest rides in the market so you will feel safe when riding the scooter in traffic even when going at full speed.

It’s easy to see the appearance of a scooter. But it’s hard to verify the comfort of a scooter. What’s the meaning of comfort? I insist it means the operation smoothness and accessories of the scooter. When we drive a car, we don’t prefer the steering wheel that is too tight or too loose. The handlebar of Mantis 8 is born from this preference. When you turn the handlebar, you will feel that the steering is comfortable and smooth. Having introduced the operation smoothness, let us talk about accessories function. Plenty of scooters have good accessories, but Mantis 8 also has the most important accessories regarding comfort: the shock absorbers. Kaabo built the Mantis 8 model as a dual usage scooter meaning that it can be ridden on the road and off-road. Even in the city, there are lots of steps and uneven paths. The scooter head shock absorber will help you to control your scooter easily in these situations. Strong shocks can make people lose control of the scooter and make them even feel sick if the ride is particularly jumpy. Mantis 8’s shock absorbers will cushion you from unwanted vibrations. This will make you feel comfortable and ensure you keep calm and clear vision.’

Quality: Fine craftsmanship

What makes Mantis 8 has a premium feel? Apart from the appearance, every part of the product and its quality is important. For example, every screw attached to Mantis 8 has an anti-oxidation coating on the surface. You can see the shine on the surface of the screws. The brake and the batteries we use are all big brand names. We insist use the best parts to assemble the scooter. Even the anti-slip silicone mat is twice the thickness of other anti-slip mats. We concentrate on every detail and be willing to spend more money on developing high-quality scooters. 

Price: the cost-effective price.

Kaabo Mantis 8 price is $1199. The price is reasonable and affordable. There are plenty of $1000 scooters. At Kaabo we promise we never use sub-standard workmanship and accessories to save money. People used to cheaper scooters the higher price can be offputting but considering how many more years you will be able to use a quality scooter it will pay for itself pretty fast, especially for people who use the scooter for commuting every day. Considering this we believe the Mantis 8 is actually a really cost-effective solution for your commuting needs.

Conclusion: Kaabo USA Team recommends Kaabo Mantis 8 for all kinds of road conditions while being a great choice for most people. So what are you waiting for? Order yours today!


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