Action shot of a rider on a Kaabo Wolf King GT Pro electric scooter navigating an off-road trail, with dust swirling behind, highlighting the robust performance and adventure-ready design of the scooter.


Dual Motors
72V 35AH
Battery Capacity
62 MPH
Top Speed


The Kaabo Wolf King GT Pro is a heavy-duty electric scooter with dual 2000 Watt motors, a top speed of 62 mph, and a range of over 100 miles on a single charge. Perfect for commuting or recreational use, Highly recommended for power and durability.

"The Kaabo Mantis 8 is one of the ESG team’s favorite scooters, offering a super solid ride and comfortable acceleration from a popular, world-renowned brand. "

"I'm excited to see this Mantis 8 added to their lineup. I think it fills a very nice gap between the more ridiculous scooters with crazy high power and the smaller commuter scooters that lack suspension or large batteries."

“Two words… FAST and FUN! The first thing that really surprised me when riding the Mantis 8 for the first time was simply how fast it felt when accelerating but also at the top speed of 25MPH or 40KPH.”


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Rider Reflections


fantastic scooter

This Mantis 10 I just bought is perfect for a starter like myself, it's very stable, compact, and you can easily control the speed with the 5-level gears, that's one thing I like most, if you have never tried a scooter before, you should try the Mantis 10 Lite from Kaabo USA!

19 Oct, 2023
Linah Verified
19 Oct, 2023

700 mile review on the Mantis 8

I just hit the 700 mile mark and so far so good. Still very powerful and no change in range of about 23 miles. My son and I recently took this on a 16 mile off road adventure in the hills of eastern KY. I was very skeptical especially with road tires but tried it anyway. It was a moderate off road dirt trail and it did surprisingly well. After 16 miles I still had about 15% battery life left but didn’t want to chance it. Still hitting top speeds of 27 mph at 205 lbs.

11 Dec, 2023
Sean Verified
11 Dec, 2023

Unlimited Fun

Rode a scooter while on vacation and then came home and researched buying one. Kaabu checked all the boxes. From the start it was pure exhilaration. The speed, the handling and the pure joy from feeling the wind in your hair makes it great for any age. Heads turn when I ride and I love it! Thanks Kaabu.

17 Mar, 2023
Jim H. Verified
17 Mar, 2023

It's got the JUICE!

You've gotta have a screw loose to ride the Warrior 11 Pro+ at top speed, it's intense. But the real beauty of 5kw+ power delivered via AWD to 11" wheels is the instant torque you feel zipping around town and a huge battery to make the ride last longer than you'd wanna stand. This electric scooter is an absolute THRILL.

21 Mar, 2024
Juiced J. Verified
21 Mar, 2024


I purchased my Wolf Warrior and have been enjoying it for the last week. My neighbor Josh Brown, also purchased a Mantis from you guys after spending a few laps on mine!! We are getting ready to buy 2 more for our wives!!

10 Apr, 2023
Anthony P. Verified
10 Apr, 2023

Bad ass, well built heavy duty stout. I call it the beast!

The Scooter arrived fast in a perfect box. Easy set-up. I suggest you charge it for at least a cpl hours while you're admiring it. Check the voltage b4 you take off.Mine came nearly dead. It will cut out at 53v, watch the voltage display not the battery meter. Its Very accurate that way. A full charge is 67v I believe. You can run 1 or 2 motors at ANY time on 3 speeds. Of course 2 motors on speed 3 is the highest torque and speed , the most fun, its also the highest battery usage. I'm 210 lbs. Haven't done hills yet but I'm not worried. This thing is a rocket with torque to spare. Honestly you don't really need the 3rd speed. It's stupid fast I dont need to do 44mph, once was enough. It's really Well lit up for night and more importantly daytime. The headlight is great and quite sufficient also makes you highly visible in daytime. Brakes lights are really good as they go bright and blink during braking along with the white leds on the front of the deck. Issues I've had have largely been answered by email pretty fast. The program setting are a pain but do-able. There's a code to get in which I got from an online video I think it's 1500. I wasn't actually sent a manual that was helpful. There is a table of what the settings are and what you can change but it doesn't line up with what's on the display menu. Namely the regenerative braking. For hills , imho it's a must or your gonna go thru brake pads like candy. So far I haven't been able to adjust that. Its supposed to be level 1-5 but I dont see that in the display menu list. I will get into that when the new display is installed. There are items in the list you SHOULD NOT TOUCH! So watch a video before you even start. My display stopped working properly but another was sent out to me right away. I haven't Installed it yet but looks like plug and play. A word to the wise...learn a bit how it works at low speeds AND WEAR A GOOD HELMET!!!! It's powerful and very fast. Turning is done 90% by leaning with the bike, NOT BY TURNING THE HANDLE BARS Have fun it's a good one, be safe. Act like everyone doesn't see you and you'll be fine. ✌🏼

5 Jan, 2024
Rod M. Verified
5 Jan, 2024

amazing scooter, so much power

amazing scooter, so much power and no problem climbing up steep hills , love the option having economy one motor or turbo with dual motor. light at night is amazing very bright and turn signals are great touch and horn very loud! love my wolf warrior X

13 Dec, 2023
edgar m. Verified
13 Dec, 2023
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