How to ride an electric scooter? - Kaabo Mantis 8 for beginners

Electric scooters have become the choice of many commuters who are looking for a great way to commute to the office and also have some fun on the weekends. While compared to bikes and motorcycles, it is relatively easier to ride an electric scooter. There are still some points to note before your first riding. This guide will walk you through your first scooter ride safely. 

Safety first

Just like riding a bicycle, riding an electric scooter may encounter lots of the same hazards. Falling during the ride will be easily injured, therefore, we recommend to have some protective gears below if you are a freshman.

  • A helmet
  • Elbow pads
  • Knee pads

Learn about your electric scooter

Although compared to other scooters, it is easier to get started with Mantis 8. Knowing your Mantis 8 well in advance will ensure that you can get along well with it. If you have read the manual and FAQ, you may find Mantis 8 has 3 speeds and eco-mode that all affect the speed of the electric scooter.

Before riding, you should know the gears and speed of each mode, and find the best mode fit for you. Find where are the brakes? Mantis has two hydraulic disk brakes that both operate from the handlebar, know which one is rear and front.

Start to ride

With all the preparations done, you are now ready to start riding your Mantis 8. Find a suitable place to start your practice, if you are a skateboarder, you must also feel that the parking lot is a good choice, since there are wider field and less people.

-Start with a low speed and have some test. Test the throttle, there are many kinds of throttles, like twist, thumb and index finger throttles. Mantis 8 has the index finger one. Learn how sensitive the throttle is. Electric scooters are fast with lots of torque - especially mantis 8 will accelerated fast.

-Use a kick scooter stance before stepping on the gas. This may help you to keep balance. Put one of your hands on the brake to make sure you can stop at any time

-Learn the brakes. Mantis 8 for example is a light and small e-scooter but because it is equipped with very powerful brakes. Don’t brake too hard that you wont fly off the handlebar. Swift your weight backwards when you brake.Try to get used to the reaction time of both brakes so that you can stop it whenever you want.

-Learn to steer, the small wheels of e-scooters are easy to turn. Do not pull the throttle to the bottom in one breath, it will make you hurt. Pull the throttle slowly until you can adjust to its speed and acceleration.

Repeat on different terrains

Although Mantis 8 is perfect for riding in urban setting, it’s also suitable for some off-road. Riding on gravel and sand is still quite different than riding on tarmac so be careful. Getting used to the feeling of riding in different terrains in advance can help avoid hazards.

 Have fun. Ride with a friend to get more practice


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