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Kaabo Mantis 8 Tire Replacement

E08 Mantis8

Kaabo Mantis8 E07 Issue

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Kaabo Scooter Battery replacement

Electric Scooter Review Kaabo Mantis 8 Dual Motor $1000 E Scooter 2021



Unlike bicycles and skateboards, electric scooters have a powerful motor that can propel you forward fast. How fast do scooters go? And what affect electric scooter speed?

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Dual motor E-Scooter Buyer's Guide

It can  be challenging to choose the proper e-scooter for your daily needs. Our detailed guide you to all of the necessary features and functions that you should be using.

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Electric Scooter Battery Maintenance

What kind of battery does an electric scooter use? What is the advantage of lithum-lion battery over the traditional nicd nimh battery?

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